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Being overwhelmed with to-do’s has become the new-normal.

How do you walk the line between what’s urgent and what’s important?

The work that lights you up also makes the biggest difference for your customers and your business. When you’re fully in flow and in your zone of genius, that’s where the magic happens.

But here’s the thing…

There’s so much else to do. Urgent stuff, boring stuff… and tasks that are totally not in your zone of genius.

And by now your screen is so full of post-it note reminders that you’re likely at a breaking point.

So, what do you do?

It’s time to give yourself and your business the breathing space you need to achieve your goals.

“My team of Simplifiers will help you tackle your to-do list and save you time!”

-Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

How we can help

Hire a virtual assistant from The Simplifiers team.

To keep things simple, we’ve grouped what we do into 3 groups. You may need support in all 3 of these areas… or just 1.

There’s no need to choose – it’s simply a guide to get your mind flowing towards what would be most productive for you to outsource, while you focus on the great work that you do best.

Wonderful websites

We can be your virtual webmaster. Our techie loves to code – you probably don’t!

  • Improve your brand consistency – colors, typography, cohesion. People do judge a book by its cover
  • Update content, including buttons, copy, forms and images – all with an eye on your SEO goals
  • Update plugins, themes and core files – keeping your website secure and functional
  • Improve your website speed dramatically
  • Setup automated website backups so you can sleep well at night

More techie ideas below ↓

Streamlined systems

We can organize your digital life, and leverage systems to work for you!

  • Migrate your online training course and leverage Google apps to simplify your content management
  • Convert your files to editable, shareable, online Google Docs, adding headers/footers, links, and overhauling formatting for a visual & quality step-up.
  • Reduce the number of apps and systems you use, helping you laser focus & #dothething
  • Set up automation in your emails and calendar
  • Create company processes & training guides to speed up onboarding

More ways we can simplify your workflow ↓

Actioned admin

A virtual assistant who actually enjoys those simple, repetitive tasks? Check!

  • Setup Gmail with template responses to save you time, or automatically respond to initial inquiries
  • Proofread, simplify, & spell-check any written content
  • Research the competition, the latest trends and your customers, so you can take action
  • Set up CRM & database management systems, including all the data-entry!
  • Podcast support! Write show notes, upload to WordPress, re-purpose scripts for blog posts, create thumbnail images for YouTube, and more…

More admin ideas… ↓

“To be a super leader, you must stay laser-focused on the highest yielding tasks.”

-Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

The Simplifiers Team

Combined years simplifying
Webpages built and maintained
Satisfied clients worldwide
Books read

When you hire your virtual assistant from us, we want you to be confident that you’re getting somebody awesome.

We don’t hire low-skilled interns – you actually get one of our team. A real human you’ll love, with a passion for simplifying, an eye for the details, and a knack for getting things done. Let us help you uncover ways you can supercharge your business.

minder athwal


In 5 words:

Writer, networker, content creating hero

As an experienced blogger and ghost writer, Minder can help create engaging content for your business blog. If you’re strapped for time, simply give her a topic and she’ll take the task of blogging off your shoulders!

Kristin Castillo


In 5 words:

Nurturer, dedicated, your new BFF

An enthusiastic database superstar, Kristin can help you setup your new CRM, research your competition, and ensure your backend systems are super organized. She goes above and beyond, handling any task you throw her way with ease.

Janine Yardley - Simplifier


In 5 words:

Reliable task handler, admin extraordinaire

A problem-solver, Janine fills the gaps and makes sure nothing falls through. She lives with a ‘people-first’ mindset and is masterful at simply getting things done, right on schedule.

The Simplifiers


In 5 words:

Technical brilliance maker, efficient, webmaster

With an eagle eye for the details, Lyden is your guy for refining any project you want to add some panache to. Websites, online courses, documentation. He’s passionate about getting things ‘just’ right.

Some of the platforms we’re proficient in

Software we're proficient in (logos)
“Save time, get the most important tasks done…
and feel like a hero in your business once again!”

-Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Wonderful websites

Hire a Simplifier - virtual assistants

Our resident tech wiz can help you with your website needs. Frankly, he can do anything – from amending button colors, to security hardening your site to keep the nasties out… here are a few tasks you might hire him to do for you:

  • Audit and recommendations – provided as a clear and simple document to follow
    • Visual & branding, readability, visitor psychology
    • Message & SEO
    • Performance
    • Security
  • Secure your site from hackers
  • Set up automatic website backups
  • Update or migrate your WordPress theme
  • Add new functionality & customize as needed
  • Increase website loading speed (a Google ranking factor)
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Systems simplification

We’re passionate about simplifying, especially when it comes to systems & processes. In fact, it’s one of our super powers.

The more you can automate your systems & processes, the more time you can invest in higher yielding tasks like landing big sales deals and nurturing client relations. Here are a few tasks we can help with:

  • Training manual creation – you’ve been talking about creating a company handbook for ages. We’ll hold your hand and help you do it
  • Migrating your digital office over to Google – expanding your online storage, auto-backup, collaborative editing
  • Mastering Gmail – training, powerful plug-ins, pre-written “canned” responses
  • Systems training – Gmail, Google Drive, WordPress, Canva
  • Template creation, training, and setup
Hire a Simplifier - virtual assistants

"Wow. It’s amazing. I really love this training manual you’ve created for us. It would have taken me months to do this. Thank you so much."

Katie ErnstBowery & Bash

Actioned admin

Hire a Simplifier

Perhaps you just need an extra reliable pair of hands to do some admin work? We can help you with some of those things, as well!

Some suggestions, but feel free to ask us about tasks beyond this:

  • Calendar & schedule management – help you stay on track and make your appointments count
  • Customer service – manage incoming emails, social media, and comments
  • Podcast transcriptions, video closed-captioning, content outlining, proof-reading, and someone to bounce ideas off of!
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“Achieve work/life harmony by focusing on what you love.”

-Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Simple pricing

5-hour block
$200 USD

We like to contract with you in 5-hour time blocks, as we’ve found this helps you get a taste of how our team can help you make big strides quickly and start to lessen the workload on your shoulders.

$250.00 $200.00$250.00 $200.00Add to cart

How does it work?

1. Talk

First things first. Schedule a FREE 15 minute call to discuss the project and what you want to achieve. In this session, we’ll advise you on how The Simplifiers VA team works and if our skillset is a match for what you need help with. That way, you can decide if this is a right fit for you and your business, quickly and simply.

2. Prep

And then, once you purchase your first bundle of hours, we’ll send you a form to fill in, that will help us understand where you’re at currently, and what we should begin with first. Once we receive this, we’ll assign the very best person (or people!) on the team to your project.

3. Work

Now we get to work. We’ve agreed clear outcomes and you’ve authorized a plan of action. You can now get to the really creative work, knowing that we’re taking care of the rest! We’ll be in constant communication with you, so that we can course-correct and achieve maximum progress in our work together.

Ready to get that to-do list knocked out?


Is this good value for me though?

Great question. Yes… here’s why: 5 hours of time on our watch will probably save you 10-20 hours of your time… we’ll match the task at hand with the very best person on the team for that job. Just think… how much extra revenue could you generate with an extra 10-20 hours? Or how much money will you save by getting these tasks checked off your to-do list?

Will you definitely help me?

Well, we reserve the right to turn down any work if we feel the fit is not right between us. But once we decide to go ahead… we will absolutely help you. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’d like from us, and we’ll get to work. We’ll check in with you regularly too as clear, simple communication is our specialty.

What if I don’t use all the time I purchase?

If we get everything you’ve asked us to do in less time than we thought, then first off… it’s time to CELEBRATE A WIN. We’ll keep the extra hours in the bank for you to use on the next project/task, for up to 12 months. So, the next time you have some work we can help you with, it’s there for you to redeem!

Can I hire Mary as my VA?

Wouldn’t that be GREAT!? Sadly no. However, you can hire her as your business coach. Simply click here to learn more about her 1-1 private coaching sessions.

What guarantees do I have?

We guarantee excellence. We guarantee that we will simplify your life or business, helping you save time. We guarantee you’ll enjoy working with us.

We do not offer refunds, but if things aren’t going quite right, reach out to Mary (our CEO) and she’ll make sure you’re placed with the right Simplifier for the task until you’re satisfied!

How long have I got to use my 5 hours?

You have as long as you need – up to 12 months from purchase.

Can I buy more than 5 hours?

You can. Just add multiple 5-hour blocks to your basket before going to the checkout. Got a big project in mind? Tell us about it in the comments field when you checkout.

What should I look for when hiring a VA?

Woot! We made this super simple, handy dandy guide to help you figure out how to hire the right VA the first time. Check it out!