Being an undercover superhero.

We are a wee bit different.

Event professionals, let me guess… your clients expect you to handle it all, right?

Like an undercover superhero, working in the background, swiftly and easily juggling anything that comes up on their big event day… all with a smile, yes?

Well, that’s why we created The Simplifiers back in 2003, as a full-service boutique events management firm to simplify our client’s lives.

And now, we’re simplifying yours.

As your Undercover Superhero, we help in three different ways:

  • We serve as a mentor for hundreds of other events professionals all over the world, helping you up level & simplify the business side of your small business.
  • We are also the superhero events coach for brands, helping them design & deliver BETTER live events.
  • And lastly, we teach as podcasters and public speakers, spreading the message of how to simplify your work-life, not complicate it.

In all that we do, we (help) transform you into a HERO.

Our super powers



coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs




public speaking


coaching brands on how to plan & design *AMAZING* live events


project management


managing the little details


self-care advice


ability to stop at one cup of coffee per day


Meet Our Leadership Team

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

CEO | Business & Events Coach | Podcaster | Public Speaker

Lyden Yardley

Learning Consultant | Director of Brilliance

Minder Athwal

Marketing Associate | Event Planner

Our Core Values


Work with great people on great projects, always.

Value Education

Let’s mentor others to make a positive impact on the events industry together.

Fail Fast…

…learn faster.

Integrity + Determination

= High reward

Never Miss a Moment

To WOW them in the little details!


we can do great things, alone serves no one.

Meet Our Advisors

Christopher Justice

CEO | EyeFrame

Aubri Nowowiejski

Founder | Student Event Planners Association

George Mills

Product Manager | Velocity Mobile

“The Simplifiers came to the rescue...I'm so glad I hired them!"

Jennifer M.Buffalo Framing & Truss LLP

“Five out of five stars! You guys really are superheroes!"

Dr. David B.

"It's such a stress reliever to have your help!"

MicheleCEO - Modish Productions