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Need a team of superheroes to help you pull off an EPIC event?

The Simplifiers are award-winning event producers based in Nottingham, England. As your Event Coach, we guide you (and your brand) on how to produce a BETTER live event. We also provide access to a global network of impeccable event suppliers and help you keep the event planning process on track, on vision and under budget.

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"Mary is one of the most amazing event planners that I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail and creativity go beyond expectations.”

Chris J.CEO - Sparksight

"Definitely DEFINITELY, get a wedding planner. I don’t care how organised you think you are or how DIY and self-sufficient and independent you might be…you can still be all those things WITH a wedding planner!"

Jen L.bride

“Mary and the entire Simplifiers team did a spectacular job in planning, preparing and delivering a wonderful party. All of the creative and thoughtful touches made a huge impact and our party guests were very impressed. I would recommend The Simplifiers for anyone who wants to have a wonderful and memorable event!”

Nancy P.