Being an undercover superhero.

We are a wee bit different.

As a natural-born leader, let me guess… everyone expects you to handle it all, all at the same time, right?

Like an undercover superhero, working in the background, swiftly and easily juggling anything that comes up… all with a smile, yes?

Well, that’s why we created The Simplifiers back in 2003, to simplify our client’s lives.

And now, we’re simplifying yours.

As your Undercover Superhero, we help you in two different ways:

In all that we do, we (help) transform you into a HERO.

Our super powers





keynote speaking


ability to stop at one cup of coffee per day

The Simplifiers business coaching

Our Mission

We will serve one million women worldwide by 2027,
because as the heartbeat of your community, when you simplify, you THRIVE
and make a positive impact, globally.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mary Baird

CEO | Business Coach | Podcaster | Public Speaker

The Simplifiers

Lyden Yardley

Director of Brilliance | Techie Simplifier

minder athwal

Minder Athwal

Writer | Resident Foodie

Our Core Values


Because the simplest solution is usually the best one.


We can do great things together… alone serves no one.

Never miss a moment

… to WOW them in the little details!

Value education

Let’s mentor others to make a positive impact on the world together.

Fail Fast…

…learn faster.

(Click on each core value to hear more about what we believe in and why!)

Meet Our Advisors

Christopher Justice

Vice President of Engineering | Banzai

Aubri Nowowiejski

Aubri Nowowiejski

Director of Virtual Events | DHD Films

George Mills

Senior Product Manager | Spotify


"I used to make $30k a year and then I started working with Mary. This year, I'm aiming to earn $90k... it's all totally possible due to her expert guidance as my business coach!"

Lynda GreuelPrincipal - Hillcrest Events

"I look forward to The Simplifiers Podcast - I'm learning so much! Mary is a skilled interviewer, finding ways to bring real, practical life hacks to every episode. I'm hooked!"

Claire DunnCo-Owner - we are radikl

“Wow. You accomplished more in one week than my other person did in nearly six months. I’m so appreciative and happy with the changes. Your input has been invaluable!”

Katie ErnstCreative Director & Founder - Bowery & Bash

"Mary is a very wise 'old soul' who brings calm into the chaos of her client's lives. With this calm, she also helps shed light on thought provoking new directions and show people how to get unstuck, so they can move forward with great enthusiasm and get the results they are after!"

Stella UpneckWriter + Life Coach

"Mary has a knack for helping business owners simplify their systems & processes by showing us how it's done in easy, actionable steps that I can implement immediately. She's helped me with the practical stuff but also in shifting my mindset, as well!"

Jessica LohmannOwner - Ethical Business Marketing

"It's such a stress reliever to have your help and guidance as my business coach!"

Michele FanninOwner - Modish Productions

“The Simplifiers came to the rescue...I'm so glad I hired them!"

Jennifer M.Buffalo Framing & Truss LLP

“Five out of five stars! You guys really are superheroes!"

Dr. David B.