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There’s something about Mary…

Mary Baird, founder of The Simplifiers in 2003, has one goal with this company… to help people simplify their lives.

Whether you’re not sure how to manage your crazy-busy schedule or just need a little help with the daily grind, Mary created The Simplifiers and the Super Mentor Academy in response to the overwhelming feeling that life is moving at lightning speed these days and well, we all need a little help now and then.

How she got here

You learn a LOT in 17 years of running a thriving small business. For the first 11 years, Mary lead her team of award-winning event planners to produce hundreds of large-scale, non-traditional live events for clients like Facebook, Google, TEDx, Intel and more.

So, if you’re looking for a business coach who will share her hard-earned secrets of what really works to have a booming business in the events industry, she’s your gal. In addition, Mary is a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)… there are only 3 in all of England (and less than 450 worldwide) that hold this highly sought after international certification. In short, she knows her stuff.

Prior to that, her career in live events started in commercial radio, with over 15+ years experience in marketing, sales, live events and even on-the-air as a radio DJ/presenter. This is why she’s a natural behind the microphone on The Simplifiers Podcast!

Her passion to simplify is equal to her passion to teach others what she’s learned along the way. Mary’s area of expertise (and what she could talk about for days and days) include:

  • Time Management + Simplifying
  • Sales
  • Self-Care
  • Clarity + Goal-setting
Business coach
big fan of Sharpie markers & post-it notes
hasn’t found a taco she didn’t LOVE
takes her coffee black as the night, thanks

Why people hire her

Mary has a passion for simplifying and a knack for getting things done.

Every project she works on reflects her acute attention to detail, from the left brain project management side (full of logistics analysis, budgets and the nitty gritty) to the right brain creative side (design details, blue sky strategy and ideation).

This reflects in all aspects of how she serves her clients, whether as a business coach, professional public speaker and/or podcaster.

The question always asked first is… “what would it look like if this was SIMPLE?”

What she does off the clock

A world traveler and triathlete, Mary enjoys going on adventures with her kids (Zoë and Otto), hosting dinner parties outdoors, and building communities in her local area.

Fun fact: her daughter competed on the Junior Bake Off edition of the Great British Bake Off!

How she has served in the events industry:

  • 3-year term on the Board of Governors for ILEA (International Live Events Association ~ 5000+ members worldwide, 53 chapters)
  • 1-year term as Director of Finance on the ILEA UK Board of Directors
  • 1-year term as Chapter President (2011-12), plus 4 more years in other roles on the ILEA Austin Board of Directors

Recently, she was nominated as a “Central Texas Woman of Influence” by the Austin Business Journal, as well as a FINALIST for Digital Ambassador of the Year – Women in Business Awards and the Fastest 40 Awards – East Midlands Business Link, celebrating The Simplifiers as one of the fastest growing companies in Tech & Creative.


"Before I found Mary, I was waffling between decisions and booking all the WRONG clients! The best part of having Mary as your coach is gaining clarity and validation. I loved how *present* Mary was during our coaching calls. She had valuable (and relevant) experience to offer, and she kept me on track during our conversation. Not only that, she held me accountable! Highly recommend!"

Crystal SalazarHead Planning Ninja - Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

"I wanted to work with a business coach to support me to build a successful membership programme and so I chose Mary. The sessions were really focused, gave me clarity on my offer and she shared lots of useful advice and tools. Plus Mary is straight talking, which I love!"

Debbie ClarkePrincipal - debbiedooodah

"I used to make $30k a year and then I started working with Mary. This year, I'm aiming to earn $90k... it's all totally possible due to her expert guidance as my business coach!"

Lynda GreuelPrincipal - Hillcrest Events

"It's such a stress reliever to have your help and guidance as my business coach!"

Michele FanninOwner - Modish Productions

"Mary is a very wise 'old soul' who brings calm into the chaos of her client's lives. With this calm, she also helps shed light on thought provoking new directions and show people how to get unstuck, so they can move forward with great enthusiasm and get the results they are after!"

Stella UpneckWriter + Life Coach

"Mary has a knack for helping business owners simplify their systems & processes by showing us how it's done in easy, actionable steps that I can implement immediately. She's helped me with the practical stuff but also in shifting my mindset, as well!"

Jessica LohmannOwner - Ethical Business Marketing

"I look forward to The Simplifiers Podcast - I'm learning so much! Mary is a skilled interviewer, finding ways to bring real, practical life hacks to every episode. I'm hooked!"

Claire DunnCo-Owner - we are radikl