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There’s something about Mary…

Mary Baird-Wilcock, founder of The Simplifiers in 2003, has one goal with this company… to help people simplify their lives.

Whether you’re not sure how to manage your crazy-busy schedule or just need a little help with the daily grind, Mary created The Simplifiers and the Super Mentor Academy in response to the overwhelming feeling that life is moving at lightning speed these days and well, we all need a little help now and then.

How she got here

Mary is a CSEP – Certified Special Events Professional… there are only 3 in all of England (and less than 400 worldwide) that hold this highly sought after international certification.  In short, she knows her stuff.

Her career in live events started in commercial radio, with over 15+ years experience in creating and executing community events, concerts and on-site live broadcasts. She’s worked at a handful of radio stations all over Texas in the promotions/events department, sales & marketing and even on-the-air as a radio DJ/presenter.

She has extensive experience in marketing & concert promotions through her work at Direct Events, handling the local marketing plans for nationally touring shows such as David Bowie, Seal, Los Lonely Boys, Ani DiFranco, Joss Stone, and Lucinda Williams, plus non-profit marketing experience while at the Austin Lyric Opera. And now she is a Business Coach & Mentor for small business owners and solopreneurs in creative industries all over the world, teaching them everything she knows.

Business coach
big fan of Sharpie markers
hasn’t found a taco she didn’t LOVE
one milk, one sugar, please.

Why people hire her

Mary has a passion for simplifying and a knack for getting things done.

Every project she works on reflects her acute attention to detail, from the left brain project management side (full of logistics analysis, budgets and the nitty gritty) to the right brain creative side (design details, blue sky strategy and ideation).

This reflects in all aspects of how she serves her clients, whether as a Business Coach, Public Speaker and/or Podcaster.

The question always asked first is… “what would it look like if this was SIMPLE?”

What she does off the clock

A world traveler and triathlete, Mary enjoys going on adventures with her husband (Garreth) and kiddos (Zoe and Otto) and she volunteers her time as a Restoration Department Mentor for The Arches Project.

She just recently served a 3-year term on the Board of Governors for ILEA (International Live Events Association ~ 5000+ members worldwide, 53 chapters). Mary has also served on the ILEA UK Board of Directors from 2014-15 and the ILEA Austin Board of Directors from 2009-2013, most notably the 2011-2012 Chapter President.

Recently, she was nominated as a “Central Texas Woman of Influence” by the Austin Business Journal, as well as a FINALIST for Digital Ambassador of the Year – Women in Business Awards and the Fastest 40 Awards – East Midlands Business Link, celebrating The Simplifiers as one of the fastest growing companies in Tech & Creative.

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP