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By August 12, 2016September 28th, 2016Conferences we LOVE, The Apprentice Program

It’s time, folks.

Lots of people have come by our Tech Hub booth at the ILEA Live conference today to check out our training program, play around with it and learn all about how it works.

And the results are IN…THEY LOVE IT!


If you’ve got interns this Fall, you need to figure out the simplest and least time consuming way to train them.

Woosh…The Simplifiers to the rescue!

Find out more about The Apprentice Program and intern training HERE

Sign up HERE today and receive a very exclusive, limited offer of a BONUS training package.  You, my friend, not only get the chance to join the global mentor network and train your new hires like a total BOSS, you also get access to a very special 4-part online training series that help you start (or refine) your own in-house internship program and become a better mentor.

We all know that to pull off amazing events and to stay ahead of the competition, we need strong, capable and well trained teams.

You need people you can trust and rely on to do a good job.


The Apprentice Program has been custom crafted for event professionals by our CEO (and Undercover Superhero), Mary Baird Wilcock, CSEP. She has taken 13+ years of experience working as an award-winning events professional and has mentored over 80+ interns all over the world, to create The Apprentice Program.4 DAYS LEFT (2)

Want to on-board your interns and new hires fast?

Need team members who can take on delegated tasks without you babysitting them?

Then you need The Apprentice Program.

TAP gives you an optimized training system that simplifies how you trying and empower your interns, apprentices and new hires.

You’ve wanted to build something on your own for months and months, I get it.  But there’s no time for that…so, we’ve done it for you.

intern training, simplified for busy event professionals.

If you sign up today, we’re offering you a BONUS training pack created by Mary Baird-Wilcock CSEP. It includes 4 X 30 minute videos and worksheets. We know working with interns goes beyond the training so Mary is giving you her top tips on topics such as:

  • How to find the best intern candidates – what to include in the write up and how to get your opportunity seen by talented applicants
  • Interviewing interns – how to spot a diamond in the rough.
  • How to prepare before an intern starts to give you the best chance of success.

Remember, this offer expires at 11:59 PST, Sunday 14th August, 2016. Don’t miss out!


Want to set yourself up for success, reduce stress and take your business to the next level? So don’t miss out – Sign up HERE today!

Do you have interns starting this Fall?

If so, train them using The Apprentice Program!

Get your team onboard fast by watching our simple, quick training videos together at your weekly team training meetings.

Time to turn your team into superheroes.

The Apprentice Program includes:
  • weekly “spark” training videos
  • intern homework missions
  • individual intern report cards
  • intern pop quizzes
  • mentor support and advice

Starting at just $75/intern USD per semester for our custom-crafted training, guaranteed to get your interns up to speed with the way your firm plans and produces events.

The enrollment window for Fall 2016 is open now…don’t delay, open enrollment ends at 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016!

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