Enrollment is closed! and breathe…

After a crazy and busy week talking to hundreds of event professionals, answering questions and welcoming new members to The Apprentice Program, it’s finally time for us to relax a little!

We’re so excited about the buzz around our training tools and number of sign ups, even if it has meant late nights and early starts! Look below for an accurate representation of our team today….



Last weekend, we attended the ILEA Live conference where we showcased The Apprentice Program and got some amazing feedback. Turns out you guys LOVED our training tools once you had the chance to see it for yourself and play around with them.

If you’ve been following us on Snapchat (username: thesimplifiers), you’ll have seen behind-the-scenes of some interviews.

We’ve been filming thought leaders like Dave Merrell of AOO events, Richard Aaron of BizBash, Jocelyn Flanagan of e=mc2 events and Frank Supovitz, NFL Super Bowl Event Producer to boost the content of The Apprentice Program even more.

In addition to the 6 weeks of essential onboarding topics, we’re giving our members expert training from industry thought leaders on:

  • how global terrorism affects local events – strategies for risk management
  • the psychology of live events
  • weaving fundraising strategies into live events for large-scale non-profit clients
  • how to boost lead generation and attract bigger clients to your roster
  • how to increase engagement on social media within all the NOISE
  • the latest and greatest event technology that helps you stand out from the competition

We so excited to show our members our new content. For all of you who told us you were impressed by how comprehensive the existing program and tools are – You haven’t seen anything yet!

If you’re still interested in joining us this Fall 2016, CLICK HERE to join the waiting list.

As soon as a spot opens up, we will let you know.

For those that signed up before the deadline, CONGRATS!  

The Fall semester begins Tuesday, September 6, 2016…continue scouting and hiring your Fall interns now and we will send you your login details to the platform at the end of August.

Welcome aboard…from this point forward, mark my words: everything changes!


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