It’s not over yet…why we’re working around the clock for you.

So it looks like we spoke too soon… Yesterday we celebrated the end of sign ups to The Apprentice Program for the Fall 2016 semester.

Today it’s all hands on deck.

Turns out that since the ILEA Live conference, word of mouth has spread like crazy and we’ve been getting emails from event professionals asking if we have any places left.

You want IN?  We’re on it!

Due to the high demand, we’re working around the clock to expand the number of places we have available for firms.

(Exactly like this but with more women, red capes and pizza…lots of pizza, zero bongs.)

  • Do you want to turn your interns into superhero event professionals?
  • Do you want well-trained interns who can think fast on their feet?
  • How about interns who can take on delegated tasks, saving you time and stress?

Missed the boat?

All you need to do is to contact us and join our waiting list HERE.

As soon as a spot opens up, we’ll contact you ASAP…

The Apprentice Program gives you structured, ready to use training without the time and stress developing your own in-house internship program would take.

The Apprentice Program includes:

  • weekly “spark” training videos
  • intern homework missions
  • individual intern report cards
  • intern pop quizzes
  • mentor support and advice

Starting at just $75/intern USD per semester for our custom-crafted training, guaranteed to get your interns up to speed with the way your firm plans and produces events.


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