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What I (really) need is to…

“One of our greatest assets in life is our network.”

-Mary Baird


These are the superheroes that have helped me grow and refine The Simplifiers over the years. This list of vetted experts can help you too! What do you need to refine & simplify the MOST in your business right now? Tap into the Super Connector Network and #dothething!

Ethical Hour
Goodboy Creative
Lucy with a Why
Yardley Digital
Janine Yardley Digital
  • WEBSITEYardley Digital are experts at making your website super fast, super polished, and performing at it’s very best. There’s no time like NOW to get your website refreshed and in tip-top shape.
    • Use the promo code: SIMPLE for 10% off all services
    • Ask Lyden or Janine about their “pay as your feel” pricing for small business owners affected by COVID-19!
  • MARKETING STRATEGY – Ethical Hour are experts at teaching you exactly how to create sales funnels and how to connect, amplify, reach, engage & sustain an impact with your audience and clients.
    • Join their online community for simply £20/month
    • Sian has a wealth of experience in ethical marketing and when you join her membership, you gain access to a vast library of training, but also a global network of like-minded businesses
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Goodboy Creative are experts at social media management, running ad campaigns, and helping small business brands drive sales.
    • They can write the words, create the graphics, schedule the posts, create cohesion on all platforms and track the stats.
    • It’s more affordable than you think to delegate your social media over to these guys… ask Mark how his clients are doing it through COVID-19!
  • PERSONAL BRANDING – Lucy with a Why is an expert at copywriting, content creation, and helping you develop your personal brand voice to truly stand out in your niche.
    • Use the promo code: SIMPLE for an £87 strategy session
    • Lucy is the business bestie you’ve dreamt about for years now… fun, sassy, smart, and always knows how to make you laugh. Worth it!

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Hey, this season isn’t going to last forever… so if you’re looking for a side gig or remote work until things bounce back, maybe there’s something here for you.

  • Amazon are hiring for remote teams in various locations around the world.
    • Job Type: Full-time; Part-time; Virtual
    • Job Categories: Project Management, Marketing & PR, Human Resources, Customer Service and more
  • Zoom are hiring for remote teams in various locations around the world.
    • Job Type: Full-time; Contract to Hire
    • Job Categories: Business Services, Customer Care, Tech Support, Marketing, Sales and more
  • Fiverr is an online community for freelancers. Market your skills on their platform and get hired on a per project basis.
    • Job Type: Per Project; Virtual
    • Job Categories: Design, Write, Edit, Voice Over and more
  • LogMeIn (creators of GoToMeeting) are hiring for remote teams in various locations around the world.
    • Job Type: Full-time; Virtual
    • Job Categories: Customer Care, Marketing & Creative, Sales, Human Resources and more

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Hey, we all need a little something-something to get by, every now and again.

If that’s you, would you be willing to…


It’s not about the stuff… it never is. But sometimes what helps is a simple list of the key resources to feel calm, cool, collected… and cozy. So, here’s a list of my absolute favorite things. They help me work more efficiently, feel better, and are the tools that remind me of who I truly am, deep down inside.


  • SECRET WEAPONS THAT HELP ME WORK REMOTE – Because there are simple ways to make working from home more organized and easier…
    • Slack – reduce the back-and-forth communications in your inbox with your team and regain your sanity, free version works great!
    • G Suite Basic – integrate gmail, calendar, file storage, and more into one simple dashboard – gain 20% off the first year when you sign up for the G Suite Basic using this code: R7KUCAKFW3KFFYP
  • MUST-HAVE TOOLS THAT HELP MY BRAND SHINE – Because you need simple tools that don’t cost much to help you win bigger and bigger clients…
    • Canva – an online graphic design tool, helping you create slick graphics for your website, social media, presentations and more
    • Pipeline Deals CRM– an easy-to-setup CRM to track & nurture sales leads, map out communication with prospects, and help you close deals faster


  • ART SUPPLIES THAT SPARK NEW IDEAS – Because sometimes it’s nice to get a little messy in some paint…
  • WRITING TOOLS THAT HELP ME GAIN CLARITY – Because sometimes you need simple tools that’ll help you clear the fog…


  • BOOKS THAT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD – Because sometimes it’s nice to cozy up and get lost inside a good book…
    • An Octopus in my Ouzo – a story about a women recreating her new life of freedom on a sunny Greek island, by Jennifer Barclay
    • It’s All Under Control – asking women to let go of striving and begin to look at all aspects of their lives differently, by Jennifer Dukes Lee
  • BOOKS THAT MAKE ME THINK – Because sometimes you need to flip the script in your brain on how you look at life…
    • The Fire Starter Sessions – a soulful, practical guide to creating success on your own terms, by Danielle LaPorte
    • The Artist’s Way – a comprehensive guide towards discovering and developing the artist within, whether a writer, painter, poet, musician or creative, by Julia Cameron


  • SWEET CLOTHES FOR WHEN YOU WORK FROM HOME – Because sometimes you need to step up your game, well, at least from the waist down…
  • COZY ESSENTIALS THAT HELP YOU RELAX – Because sometimes you need to snuggle down after a long day of the ups-and-downs…
    • iChunhua wide leg lounge pajamas – I’m not sure how anything could get any softer, however, you have to promise to change out of them in the morning
    • 321 Strong foam roller – If you’re feeling back pain or achy muscles, this tool is perfect for self-massage to work out the kinks

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links because we wholeheartedly believe in each of these experts, products, books, and tools. Therefore, we get compensated when you click on the links above and decide to purchase or work with them, which helps us continue to serve and support you through our podcast. Please note: this doesn’t cost you anything extra. We hope this helps you simplify your life.