3 reasons why you should hire us to plan your nottingham christmas party

By September 15, 2016October 2nd, 2016Corporate Events, Social Events
It’s hotter than Hades right now in Nottingham.


The last few days, we’ve been experiencing an unseasonably, crazy warm heatwave…especially for September when people should be pulling out their scarves, sipping lattes and dressing in layers once again.

Nope, we’re all boiling and there seems to be a shortage of fans and ice lollies in the city centre.

The last thing you’re probably thinking about right now is Christmas…but go with me, for a second.

I don’t want you to panic, but there’s only 102 sleeps until Christmas. And even fewer before your company’s annual Christmas party.

Have you booked your venue yet?  Have you sorted out the theme for this year?  Have you sent out save-the-dates?

No worries, click below for 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to hire an experienced Nottingham event planning firm (ahem, us!) to help you sort out all the details this year…


 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us To Plan Your Nottingham Christmas Party:

1) Save time and stress

Let me guess: you’re busy juggling a hundred things right now.

Imagine if you could push the not so fun tasks of venue scouting, creating an event budget and chasing down vendors and caterers and suppliers to call you back with quotes to our team of superheroes?  (why, why is that SO hard, really!!?!)  And then you could be involved in the more fun tasks like attending catering tasting appointments or brainstorming on the event theme.

When you hire a full service event planning firm like The Simplifiers, we become your project managers, managing all the little details that go into planning a large-scale event like this.

We handle the nitty gritty details and work as your undercover superheroes…basically, we come in and save the day.  And who doesn’t need a little help now and then?  Get a free quote from The Simplifiers.

2) Your employees need to do their day jobs – focus on your business and making money and productivity

Many times, small businesses will turn the responsibility of planning and orchestrating a Christmas party, conference, seminar, meeting or other major corporate event over to a member of its team — often a member of the marketing department.

Other professionals often tasked with being “event coordinators” in SME enterprises often include office managers, receptionists and even sales professionals.

CEOs, this is a colossal mistake.

By bestowing the responsibilities of event coordination onto these other professionals, you are pulling their time, concentration and energy away from performing their own set of important tasks.

Plus, you are creating a level of expectation and responsibility that, in all fairness, does not live under the scope of their job description.

The result can be stressed out, burned out and resentful employees struggling to accomplish their regular duties in addition to making you proud by pulling off a flawless and successful business event.  In our opinions, it’s better to outsource event planning to a trusted event partner like The Simplifiers…but hey, we’re biased.

3) Save money, get a better ROI

We make the most of your budget – we research and spend time building relationships with venues and all sort of vendors all over Nottingham and the UK to make sure you get a high quality event at a fair price.

There’s no point throwing money at an over-crowded venue or lack lustre meal that tastes like cardboard or a DJ who puts your attendees to sleep.

Christmas parties are about rewarding your team members, boosting morale, team bonding and boosting your company culture. In the long run, a great Christmas party will improve productivity and the vibe around the office, afterwards.

Don’t waste money on a copy and paste event where all the team members wish they had stayed at home on their sofa. Plus, think about the great exposure you’d get via word of mouth and social media when your employees share photos and stories of their amazing experience!  Contact us, we can make it happen.

CLICK HERE to download our free guide called “5 mistakes to avoid when planning your company’s Christmas party this year.”

We’re also running a special right now where you get £75 off our event planning fees if you book us by 30 September 2016.  Give us a shout and set up your free 1-hour consultation appointment today.


The Simplifiers to the rescue!

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