5 reasons why you should hire an event planner

The Simplifiers are a Nottingham based event planning company. We’ve seen it all  and we’ve done it all.

Plus we’ve heard all the horror stories of things that have gone wrong when people decided to do DIY events. Whether it’s a social event where you are delegating the task of planning to family members, or a company asking their marketing team to handle everything, things tend to be a hot mess when you don’t have a professional planner on the team.

5-reasons-why-you-should-hire-an-event-planner-2People falling out. Not enough food or drink and venues cancelling at the last minute. Not getting what you expected or deposits being lost.  And our pet hate: boring events that look and feel like a hundred others you’ve attended before.

Hiring an event planner might seem extravagant but we’ve put together a list of all the benefits you’ll get – including saving money.

5 reasons why you should hire an event planner

1) You’ll save money and stay on or even under budget

You might think you’ll spend more but good event planners will work to make sure you get the best event possible within your budget.

We are constantly developing relationships with venues, caterers, entertainers and all kinds of other vendors to ensure you get a high quality event for the best price possible.

The Simplifiers do all of the hard work and research a wide range of options before compiling reports with a suitable short list for you to choose from.

Why invest time, money and effort into an event that will underwhelm your guests and will be forgotten about a week later? There’s no point throwing money at an over-crowded venue, a mediocre meal that tastes like cardboard or a DJ who puts your attendees to sleep. Get value for your money.

7336133554_30c373c43d_o2) You’ll have a better looking, more impressive event

The problem with trying to organise your own event is that it will probably look like 100 other events you and your guests have attended. The same type of venue, the same kind of catering, the same décor.

It’s time to try something different.

A good event planner will strive to give you something memorable, original and tailored to you.

We can suggest ideas that you may never have thought of or even seen before.

The Simplifiers don’t just do the logistics, we have creative resources we can tap into to give you something that will wow your attendees. Take a look at some of the events we’ve planned in America for clients like Google and Facebook. Our fresh international perspective combined with our local British team members means we deliver events are like nothing you’ve ever seen in Nottingham before.


3) Your event will be more successful

When it comes to the logistics and strategy, an event planner ensures that everything stays on schedule and that your event looks slick and polished. We make sure all of the little details are covered, problems are foreseen and crises are managed.

It’s our job to focus on your event and your end goal. Whether that’s wanting to leave your guests with moments they will never forget or to have your attendees sharing your company’s name all over social media after a unique and memorable event…we help you achieve your goals/objectives through live event experiences.

Unless it’s your full-time job, you may only have enough time and manpower to think about the basics. You’re focus is on just getting the event off the ground. We take it to the next level and make your event epic.


4) You’ll save time

Want more than a basic sit-down dinner at a restaurant, a small VIP section in a bar or a boring conference room?

The more interesting, original and impressive your event, the more time and effort you need to put into project managing and juggling all of the different people involved.

It’s not as simple as just finding and hiring a venue, caterers, entertainers and décor. You need to co-ordinate them all and be the go-between. What if the venue has no space for caterers to set up or you need to get in early to set up? There will be ongoing conversations throughout the planning process that you need to deal with.

The Simplifiers are project managers who oversee all of this. We look after the big picture and the little details so you can concentrate on your day job or just having a life instead!


5) You’ll remove the stress

Throughout the planning process, you get to relax knowing that you have a trust worthy project manager dedicated to making your event succeed. No managing multiple groups of people, dealing with every minor problem and decision.

Plus, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your event. Instead of running around making sure everything is happening as it should, you’ll have undercover superheroes handling it all for you. That means all you need to do is, show up, look good and enjoy being the host.


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