The best kind of work Christmas party is a cancelled one?


Companies who are on top of their game are planning their work Christmas dos already! We’ve been asking local businesses what they actually want from their Christmas party.

And it’s not all about throwing money behind a bar to keep employees happy. Check out this post by CEO and industry expert Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP on how your Christmas party is actually a big business opportunity…

As you might expect from our survey, good drinks did feature high up on the list of what people want from their work Christmas do. But there were some unexpected suggestions like games, an actual Santa, acrobats, and boozy cakes.

work christmas doOff camera, the big don’ts were:

  • Boring. bland dinners and rubbish buffets
  • Venues that are shared by other companies having the exact same party and the same time
  • Forced fun and cheesy ice breakers
  • “Anything that makes me resent my boss for making me spend my unpaid time with my colleagues until I can make my excuses and leave”

And then we had the people who just didn’t know what they wanted – they’d never been to a work do that wasn’t mediocre…

One person said their ideal Christmas party would be a cancelled one!

So, what will everyone in your company be saying in December…?

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