What does your company’s Christmas party say about your boss?

By December 15, 2017March 31st, 2019Corporate Events, Social Events

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Package meal deal at a local restaurant or a massive party with free-flowing champagne, awards, aerialists hanging from the ceiling and pyrotechnics?

Your work Christmas party doesn’t just tell you how much money your company has lying around. It also gives some insights on your boss that you might not have thought about before…

company christmas party

We’ve also put together a list of the top 5 mistakes businesses make with their work Christmas do – how many is your company guilty of making?


Is your work do… Expensive, Extravagant, Formal, Stuffy?

Does it look great but no one is really having fun?

Your boss is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

Your boss has spent big money on the Christmas Party but it’s all about keeping up appearances. Sure – the photos will look great on social media but other than that, there won’t be any lasting positive effects.

The Christmas do is a chance to reward employees and for the team to relax. Instead, you’re all too scared to let your hair down and can’t wait to get back home to your sofa once you’ve gotten some impressive pics for Instagram. Basically, your boss doesn’t care – it’s all about what they want and their image.

Is your work do… Expensive, Extravagant, Fun?

An event that everyone looks forward to?

Your boss is Larry Page – CEO of Googlecompany christmas party

Like Miranda above, your boss is not afraid of spending money on this big event. However, there is a lot of thought, heart and fun involved. This isn’t just mindless splurging. Bosses like Larry know that the Christmas Party is a great way to motivate team members and boost company culture. And of course, it’s likely to look great on social media and help make the company a desirable place to work. HR will love it.

Is your work do… Cheap, Average, A package deal?

It could be fun but essentially a carbon copy of 100 other work dos happening this month?

Your boss is Scrooge.

Ok, that might be a little harsh but let’s break it down. There’s not a lot of effort involved, to be honest, other than just heading to a bar without a booking, it’s the least amount of effort a company can put in.

There’s no creativity involved – a small budget doesn’t need to mean a rubbish Christmas do! There’s nothing special and to be honest, most of you would rather be given an afternoon off instead.

These are usually the Christmas dos that go really wrong because there is so little effort and thought put in.


This year we heard about a Nottingham company with 150 employees that crammed everyone into a venue that was too small. No one could get up from the table so they were stuck in the same place all night!

Is your company Christmas party… Full of forced fun games, awkward, cheesy?

Your boss is David Brent from The Office

So, your boss wants to make an effort but probably doesn’t have a huge budget and has totally misjudged what the rest of the team thinks is fun. Expect cheesy games and ice breakers, stodgy buffet food and colleagues who are desperate to leave. A bit of creativity and thought and that small budget could have had a bigger impact.

Have you seen the top 5 mistakes Companies make with their Christmas do? How many is your company guilty of?

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