It’s time to plan your company’s 2017 strategic retreat.

By November 23, 2016Corporate Events

We’ve got two hamsters at home…Fluffy and Butso (my six year old named them, for the record).

They are fascinating to watch in action.  They create nests, forage for food, explore every level and they just seem so. darn. BUSY…all the time.


Their little hamster wheel churns non-stop.

I’m fairly convinced that if I could figure out a way to hook up a power generator to that wheel, they could power my entire house.

Ever feel like a Butso in your work life?

Wouldn’t it be nice to step off the hamster wheel and focus a little time towards mapping out your strategic plan for 2017?


As a leader in your organisation, people are looking to you for reassurance and a game plan to follow for the year ahead.

But the problem is you are go, go, going and finding it hard to slow things down to actually set your goals.

What you need is a leadership retreat.

Time away, a different perspective, so you and your leadership team can map out your strategic goals and vision for the year ahead.

Hire us to plan it.

The Simplifiers can plan and tailor your retreat specific to your company’s needs, whether that’s leadership training for your executives or a whole team away day to improve full company buy-in of goals ahead.

How we can help:

  • full project management – we plan all the little (but essential!) details.
  • venue scouting – maybe it’s time to take this meeting off-site, away from your office this time?
  • connect you to our network of world-renowned business coaches, strategic facilitators and mind mappers – all ready to help you and your team create your 2017 strategic plan.
  • on-site events team – we make sure everything runs smoothly, so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • budgeting – No bad sandwiches and depressing conference rooms.  The Simplifiers plan effective and efficient events, helping you get the best possible ROI.

“If you’re looking for an incredible partner that is extremely proactive, anticipates your needs and goes above and beyond, then Mary and The Simplifiers are a perfect fit to plan your next live event.”

-Megan Thornton, Director of Learning + Development, Aspen Heights

Got Brexit on your mind?

Smart companies are planning ahead.
Ask yourself…
  • How does the UK leaving the EU affect your business and your clients?
  • How will your company be impacted by the Autumn Statement 2016?
  • Does it affect your company’s cash flow?
  • How does the recent US election result affect your business?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the local developments in Nottingham?

If you haven’t had this conversation with your team yet, it’s time for an away day.

Create a plan.

Map it all out.

I know what you’re thinking…well, okay, I’ll get my PA to plan a team retreat.

And sure, that might work.

They’ll orders some sandwiches, tick a box and block out the conference room. But all that’s going to do is put your team in an uninspiring room and in a carb coma. It’s not going to result in innovative ideas and brilliant business solutions to beat the competition…

Do you really want to risk it?

The same old solutions will yield the same old results.

Time to try something different…tap into our expansive network of brilliant business coaches and keynotes to unleash your team’s creativity and potential.  Leave the planning of this event to trusted experts.

Tackle the new year with new energy, new vibrancy to take on whatever comes.

No matter if you’re a team of 5 or 500, you might be surprised at how affordable our services really are.  Our rates start at £500 for Nottingham-based away days.

Learn more about what it’s like to work with The Simplifiers as your events partner, helping you coordinate your team’s retreat.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation appointment to see how The Simplifiers can help you plan your team’s strategic retreat:


    Hire an award-winning events team to help you plan the most important team meeting you’ll have in 2017.

    It’ll be the best decision you’ve made all year as a leader.

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