win £150 off your Christmas party!

Are you a Nottingham business? Haven’t planned your company Christmas party yet?

It might still be summer but I have to break it to you…you’re running out of time!


Luckily for you, The Simplifiers have got you covered…Hire a superhero event planner (based in Nottingham) to plan your company’s holiday party this year with our event planning services.

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Click below to read all about how to save £150 and look like a total hero to your boss…We’re your undercover superheroes, ready to save the day.

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that we’re talking a lot about how we’ve recently been inducted into the Creative Class 2016 in Nottingham.

That’s a pretty sweet thing…considering we’re the first events management firm to win this honour.

To celebrate, we’re offering Nottingham businesses the chance to win £150 off of our Christmas event planning services!

All you have to do is…

Take a selfie with the Creative Class Banner currently being displayed on the Council House in Market Square, right in the city centre of Nottingham. Make sure you share it on Twitter and tag @TheSimplifiers for your chance to win!


We spot your tweet and you win £150 off our planning fees…it’s as simple as that.

But act fast as the banner will only be up until mid August 2016!

Interested in hiring The Simplifiers to plan and run your upcoming event? Get in touch with us here! We’ll answer any questions that you have and we’re happy to set up a 1-hour complimentary consultation so you can meet the team, learn more about what we do and see our portfolio.

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