Business coaching + virtual assistants, combined.

Is your to-do list taking over your life?

And when did being overwhelmed become the new-normal??!

Girl, I feel ya.

The hardest part about running a business is knowing which tasks are urgent and which are important. And what’s really going to help you hit your big goals this month?!

Here’s the thing…

The work that lights you up also makes the biggest difference for your customers and in your business. When you’re in the flow and in your zone of genius, that’s where the magic happens.

But what about all the other tasks that are weighing you down?

Delegate those tasks to a virtual team you can trust. My team of Simplifiers are friendly, dedicated, and are ready to help you get it all done.

Combine that with 1-1 business coaching with me and you’ll gain clarity on what’s most important to focus on each month. Ready to overcome the overwhelm and take back your schedule?

It’s time to hire The Simplifiers!

“The secret to growing your business is knowing what to focus on and delegate the rest!”

-Mary Baird

How we can help

We keep things simple for you.

Hire The Simplifiers and we’ll provide you with a complete business support package which includes…

1-1 business coaching


Mary Baird-Wilcock


Virtual assistance


The Simplifiers team

Through 1-1 coaching with Mary, she’ll help you focus on what’s most important each month, so you can achieve your greatest business goals, and take back control of your time.

Rather than trying to do it all yourself, delegate your tedious tasks to our virtual assistants! They are experts in the following key areas. You might find you need support in all three categories… or just one.

Here’s a sample of tasks that you could outsource to our virtual team, so you can focus on the great work that only you do best…

WOW-factor websites

Delegate this to us. Our virtual webmaster loves to code – you probably don’t!

  • Not sure how to make small changes to your website? No problem. If it’s WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix, we can do it for you
  • Improve brand consistency – colors, typography, cohesion. People really do judge a book by its cover. Let’s make your website SHINE!
  • Refine the content, buttons, forms, and images – all with an eye on your SEO goals
  • Make your website super secure – we can update plugins, themes and core files, reducing website downtime and making your site strong
  • Improve your website speed dramatically – the faster the website loads, the happier your customers will be!
  • Setup automated website backups – so you can sleep well at night. Amen to that.

More techie ideas below ↓

Simplifying your systems

We can help organize your digital life and leverage your systems to work for you!

  • Migrate your online course – we can help you tap into Google apps to simplify your content management
  • Setup Gmail & G-suite email platform – save time with template responses and automatically respond to initial inquiries faster
  • Reduce the number of apps and systems you use – it’s all about simplifying… helping you laser focus, save money, and #dothething
  • Convert your files to Google Docs – we can add headers/footers, links, and overhaul your documents to uplevel your game
  • Automate your email and online calendar – we’ll set it up so the software does the heavy lifting for you
  • Create your company training manual – we’ll help you document your systems & processes, finally!

More ways we can simplify your workflow ↓

Actioned admin

A virtual assistant who actually enjoys those boring, repetitive tasks? You bet!

  • Gain an extra set of eyes – we’ll proofread, simplify, & spell-check any written content so you are clearly communicating, always
  • Research projects are our JAM – whether you want to learn about your competition, the latest trends, or your customers, kick this to us and then take action!
  • Set up CRM & database management systems – if it’s time to upgrade to Salesforce or just need a more robust way to track your leads, we can set this up for you, including all the data entry!
  • Podcast support – we can help your podcast get in tip-top shape by creating a brand style guide, create graphic design templates for social media posts, make slick video versions of your episodes for YouTube, proofread transcripts, create thumbnail images for YouTube and more

More admin ideas… ↓

If you’re tired of doing ALL the things, all the time…
The Simplifiers can help!

“My team will help you tackle your to-do list and win back your freedom!”

-Mary Baird

The Simplifiers Team

Hours saved per client each month
Webpages built and maintained
Satisfied clients worldwide
Tacos consumed per year by our team

When you hire a virtual assistant from us, we want you to be confident that
you’re getting somebody awesome.

We don’t hire low-skilled interns or outsource the work to some random stranger – you actually get one of Mary’s hand-picked team. A real human you’ll love who has a passion for simplifying, an eye for the details, and a knack for getting things done.

Let us help you uncover ways you can supercharge your business.

minder athwal


In 5 words:

Writer, networker, content creating hero

As an experienced blogger and ghost writer, Minder can help create engaging content for your business blog. If you’re strapped for time, simply give her a topic and she’ll take the task of blogging off your shoulders!

Kristin Castillo


In 5 words:

Friendly, dedicated, your new BFF

An enthusiastic database superstar, Kristin can help you setup your new CRM, research your competition, and ensure your backend systems are super organized. She goes above and beyond, handling any task you throw her way with ease.

The Simplifiers


In 5 words:

Technical brilliance maker, efficient, webmaster

With an eagle eye for the details, Lyden is your guy for refining any project you want to add some panache to. Websites, online courses, documentation. He’s passionate about getting things ‘just’ right.

Just a few of the platforms we love working with

Software we're proficient in (logos)
“Save time, get the most important tasks done…
and feel like a hero in your business once again!”

-Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Our virtual assistants can help you create…

WOW-factor websites

Our resident tech expert can help you with your website needs. Frankly, he can do anything – from amending button colors, to security hardening your site to keep the nasties out… here are a few tasks you might hire him to do for you:

  • Audit your entire website – providing a clear and simple report with recommendations on how to refine your…
    • Visual & branding, readability, visitor psychology
    • Message & SEO
    • Performance
    • Security
  • Secure your site from hackers
  • Set up automatic website backups
  • Update or migrate your WordPress theme
  • Add new functionality & customize as needed
  • Increase website loading speed (helping you rank higher on Google)
Next steps

Systems simplification

We’re passionate about simplifying, especially when it comes to your systems & processes. In fact, it’s one of our super powers.

The more you can automate here, the more time you win back so you can focus on higher yielding tasks like landing big sales deals and nurturing client relations. Here are a few tasks we can help with:

  • Training manual creation – you’ve been talking about creating a company handbook for ages. We’ll hold your hand and help you do it
  • Migrating your digital office over to Google – expanding your online storage, setting up auto-backup, unleash the power of collaborative editing
  • Mastering Gmail – training, unlocking powerful plug-ins, helping you craft pre-written “canned” responses for faster replies
  • Systems training – Gmail, Google Drive, WordPress, Canva
  • Template creation, training, and setup

Actioned admin

Perhaps you just need a reliable extra set of hands to plow through your  admin work? We can help you here, as well!

Some suggestions, but feel free to ask us about tasks beyond this:

  • Calendar & schedule management – help you stay on track and make your appointments count
  • Customer service – manage incoming emails, social media, and comments
  • Blog writing – give us a topic, tell us who your audience is, and we’ll write it for you
  • Proof-reading your podcast transcriptions, creating video closed-captioning, content outlining, and someone to bounce ideas off of!
Next steps

“Wow. You accomplished more in one week (as my virtual assistant) than my other person did in nearly six months. I’m so appreciative and happy with the changes. Your input has been invaluable!”

Katie ErnstCreative Director & Founder - Bowery & Bash

"Mary is the BEST. I really enjoy working with her as my business coach, taking baby steps to implement everything into my business."

Lotoya VongrechinCreative Director - V Agency

"Every month, I know my coaching call with Mary will give me what I need to ensure I'm headed in the right direction. Her ability to simplify things is a true GIFT!"

Lynda GreuelPrincipal - Hillcrest Events

“You’ve simplified my life!”

“Achieve work/life harmony by focusing on what you love.”

-Mary Baird

Simple pricing

No matter how big or small your company is, you get the same high-level coaching and expert virtual assistants across all three levels!

We are here to support you at any stage of your business – no hidden fees, no long term contracts.


$ 400

per month
  • Affordable rate vs. hiring an employee!
  • Mary as your dedicated business coach
  • Virtual assistants are based in the US & UK
  • Monthly report tracking VA hours
  • 5 x VA hours per month
  • 1 x 50-minute coaching call per month
  • Need more VA hours?
    add-on 5-hour bundles at $250.00 each

GoldMost popular

$ 600

per month
  • Cost savings of $50 per month!
  • Mary as your dedicated business coach
  • Virtual assistants are based in the US & UK
  • Monthly report tracking VA hours
  • 10 x VA hours per month
  • 1 x 50-minute coaching call per month
  • Need more VA hours?
    add-on 5-hour bundles at $225.00 each


$ 940

per month
  • Cost savings of $160 per month!
  • Mary as your dedicated business coach
  • Virtual assistants are based in the US & UK
  • Monthly report tracking VA hours
  • 10 x VA hours per month
  • 4 x 50-minute coaching calls per month
  • Need more VA hours?
    add-on 5-hour bundles at $200.00 each
Schedule your discovery call now

How does it work?

1. Talk

Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call with Mary. In this session, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve in the coming months and how we can partner with you to get there. We’ll advise you on our team’s skillset and if business coaching is a good match for what you need.

That way, you can decide if this is the right fit for you and your business, quickly and simply.

2. Prep

Once we’ve agreed there’s a match, we’ll send you a private link to activate your monthly subscription. From there, we’ll set up your first 1-1 business coaching call with Mary. This clarity call will help us prioritize what to focus on first and delegate tasks to our team this month.

We’ll assign the very best person (or people!) on the team to your current project needs.

3. Work

Now we get to work. You can now focus on the bigger tasks, knowing that we’re taking care of the rest! We’ll be in regular communication with you, so you know which tasks have been completed, where we need to course-correct and achieve maximum progress in our work together.

Grow your team without growing your bottom line. It’s time to simplify!

Ready to get that to-do list knocked out?


What is it like to work with my virtual assistant?

We keep things super simple.

Your virtual assistant will keep a running list of tasks, updating you regularly on the status of completion. You can also schedule quick check-in calls (via Google Meet) as and when you need to chat things out further. Unlike other VA agencies, your virtual assistant will be super skilled, English speaking, and you will be assigned a specific Simplifier per project or task.

What if I don’t use all the VA time each month?

Unused VA time rolls over for up to 3 months!

If we complete everything you’ve asked us to do in less time than we thought, then first off… it’s time to CELEBRATE A WIN.

We’ll keep the extra hours in the bank for you to use on the next project/task, for up to 3 months. So, the next time you have some work we can help you with, it’s there for you to redeem!

What if I don’t use all the 1-1 business coaching time each month?

Well, here’s where you snooze, you lose.

Your 1-1 business coaching time with Mary is best used in the month you receive it. That way, you’re getting the most out of your business support from The Simplifiers and ensuring the tasks you delegate to your virtual assistants are the very best ones that’ll get you closer to achieving your goals. Therefore, your coaching call time must be used in the month allocated, no rollover.

Is this good value for me though?

Great question. We say YES!

Here’s why: 5 hours of time on our VA’s watch will probably save you 20-25 hours of your time… we’ll match the task at hand with the very best person on the team for that job. Just think… how much extra revenue could you generate with an extra 20-25 hours? Or how much money will you save by getting these tasks checked off your to-do list?

Will you definitely help me?

The discovery call is where we mutually decide this together!

Well, we reserve the right to turn down any work if we feel the fit is not right between us. But once we decide to go ahead… we will absolutely help you.

With Mary as your business coach, she’ll work with you to prioritize which tasks to delegate each month. And then, she’ll help you get clear on exactly what you’d like from our virtual team, and we’ll get to work. We’ll check in with you regularly too as clear, simple communication is our specialty.

Can I hire Mary as my VA?

Wouldn’t that be GREAT!?

Sadly no. However, she will be your dedicated business coach and your account manager, ensuring the tasks that are delegated to her team of virtual assistants are getting done on time and just how you like it!

Can I change my plan?

Definitely, we make it super simple!

If you find you need more VA hours, you can add on additional 5-hour bundles at the Silver rate ($250), Gold rate ($225), or Platinum rate ($200) per bundle. As you see, the price goes down when you upgrade your monthly support package.

Also, if you find you need less assistance next month, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to downgrade your plan accordingly.

Where is my assistant located?

USA and the United Kingdom

Your virtual assistants are based in:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Nottingham, England
  • York, England

We recommend having a virtual assistant who is 4-8 hours ahead of you, so they can do work while you sleep and vice versa, but also have the ability to chat with you in real time, as well.

How are you different from other VA agencies?

You get a real life human who cares!

We are thoughtful and keenly aware of your brand… giving ideas, insight and advice on how to refine, simplify, and grow your business.

We are not just bots checking off tasks, but rather a skilled team that understands the bigger picture. Through coaching and knowledge of your business goals, we’re here for you, ensuring you are headed in the right direction, always.

What guarantees do I have?

We guarantee excellence.

We guarantee that we will simplify your life or business, helping you save time. We guarantee you’ll enjoy working with us.

We do not offer refunds, but if things aren’t going quite right, reach out to Mary (our CEO) and she’ll make sure you’re placed with the right Simplifier for the task until you’re satisfied!

How do I cancel a membership?

We would be so sad to see you go!

However, we know what it’s like to be a business owner. The good news is, there are no contracts when you Hire The Simplifiers. Just affordable monthly rates and a super skilled team that help your business grow.

You can cancel your monthly membership by logging into your account and cancelling your subscription prior to your billing date.

You have until the end of your billing period to use your coaching session, and 3 months to use your VA hours. We are unable to process refunds for any unused time.

What exactly do you simplify?

We help you save time, make more money, and overcome the overwhelm!

How do we do it?

  • WOW-factor websites
  • Systems simplification
  • Actioned Admin
  • …plus, laser-focused business coaching, strategy, clarity, and helping you prioritize your monthly tasks!

What should I look for when hiring a VA?

Woot! We made this super simple, handy dandy guide to help you figure out how to hire the right VA the first time. Check it out!