the 1 easy way to get better intern candidates

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1 easy way to get better interns rec

So… We did a little research and were surprised to notice that only a few firms are promoting their internships on social media.

What’s going on? Do you regularly have hundreds of amazing candidates applying to work for you?!

We think you guys might be missing out on some seriously talented interns.

Why not widen the net by promoting your firm’s internship opportunities on social media? It’s easy, cheap AND it’s exactly where your target group (ahem, millennials) are.

You want interns who communicate well, are social media savvy and can use their initiative, right? Well those are generally the kind of people who are going to respond to opportunities you post on your social media accounts.

Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest, as a way of advertising your intern positions, means that you can widen your pool of candidates. You might even beat other firms to find a diamond in the rough….

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: “that’s all well and good but how do I ensure it reaches the right people and not fall into the deep black hole that is the internet?”

Great question.
It’s easy – here are two simple tips:

1.Use relevant hashtags when promoting the intern positions – for example: #eventstudents #MyILEA #weddinginternship are all great. Stick to 2-3 hashtags on Twitter but feel free to go wild on Instagram

2. Find online groups where potential interns will be – for example look for the Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook accounts of specific college careers services, event students’ groups and college communications accounts. Either post directly in these groups or ask administrators to share and RT your post.

These tips ensure that your internship opportunities get seen and shared by the relevant people you want to hire. You can’t just sit and hope the best candidates will stumble across you!

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