7 ways to boost your happiness instantly

Whether you’re having a bad day, struggling with your mood or just want to give yourself a little boost, try these 7 tips and tricks to boost your happiness instantly.

Before we begin, This Simplifier is going to share my unusual tip for instantly boosting happiness. Go to google and type in “quokka”. Go to the images and scroll through. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to look at those cute animals and feel unhappy!

boost your happiness instantly

Ok, now onto the more traditional tips!


1. Connect

Call someone – or speak to a real person for non work reasons!

This one can be particularly difficult if you work alone or from home. We need social interaction but it can be easy to go into a bubble. Schedule in time to catch up with friends or attend an event where you get to talk to new people.

You can make it even easier. Just having a friendly conversation with the person making your coffee in a cafe can give you a little boost!

The Simplifiers work in a building with lots of other businesses. It’s easy to go into a bubble but our CEO Mary makes an effort to say hi to people. It helps create a community and a more sociable atmosphere.

2. Do something to make someone else feel happy

Studies suggest that doing something nice for another person boosts your own happiness. So, spread the joy! Here are 3 super simple ways you can make someone’s day.

  • Send a card or a letter – it feels so exciting to get something that’s not a bill in the mail these days!
  • Buy someone a little treat just because. Nothing flashy – some chocolate, maybe a book or one of those amazing looking bath bombs from Lush!
  • Give someone a compliment on Instagram. Not just a like as your scrolling through. Take a minute to type in a  genuine and specific compliment.

3. Go outside for a walk

Ok, for our UK followers, this might not always be the best idea considering our unpredictable weather. BUT even the Brits amongst us can take advantages of Sunny (or at least non rainy breaks).

Getting fresh air, a change of environment and moving all make you feel happier.

Bonus tip: Vitamin D

If you do live somewhere sunny, taking a walk outside is a great opportunity to get some Vitamin D. More research needs to be done but there have been some links made to Vitamin D levels and depression. Personally, I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels when I’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements.

4. Write a list of everything you are grateful for

Multiple studies have shown a strong correlation between gratitude and happiness and general well being.

Your list doesn’t have to be full of big things. You could include the cup of coffee you had this morning, family members, pets, a conversation you had with a stranger – anything and everything. Write them down.

Sometimes we’re so focused on the things that we think aren’t going great, we forget how much is going amazingly for us!

5. Have your own little dance party

Put on some upbeat music and dance like crazy! This one doesn’t need much explaining – it’s a tried and tested method!

6. Take a nap

Sleep deprivation has been linked to depression and increased stress levels. Many of us struggle with getting enough sleep at night and naps can give us the boost we need.

Here’s a little trick for coffee drinkers:

Drink a cup of coffee and then take a nap for straight away for 20 minutes. It’s the right amount of time to get some sleep without falling into deep sleep which you want to avoid unless you’re going to bed. Plus, as you wake up, the caffeine will be kicking in!

7. Hang out with happy, positive people

Surround yourself with people who are negative and you’ll feel your energy and mood go down. It becomes a battle to stay in a positive mindset when you’re dealing with someone else’s negativity.

2 of the people who lift our moods are:

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