How to Boost Company Culture

By November 21, 2018Life Hacks

In the states, it’s the season for Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. It’s the time for slowing down and remembering to be grateful for everything you’ve created and built in your life. (Well done, you!)

But this doesn’t just apply to our personal and family lives, either. It also goes for our workplace, the brands we’ve built and the triumphs we’ve had along the way this year. And we believe that ultimately, it all boils down to your company culture. If you get this right, your team will SOAR and your business will grow. Get it wrong and things go haywire.

So, here are 3 simple ways to boost company culture by showing your gratitude for your co-workers, staff, virtual assistants and anyone else your company depends on. Keep it R.A.D. my friends…


Simply having your work noticed and acknowledged can make a big difference to your team. Make sure you set time aside to celebrate your company’s triumphs – big or small. You could even make this a regular thing at your weekly team meetings. It doesn’t all have to come from you either – go around the table and have each person mention one thing someone else did on the team that they appreciate. It’s great to know that our colleagues notice and value us too!


We all love the feeling of being valued whether it’s in our personal lives or in our work lives. We want to know that we make a difference with our work and that we’re appreciated. Think about what your team would like to receive as a token of your appreciation. It might be a small personal gift, a handwritten card, an unexpected holiday bonus. We can’t all be like Oprah and give everyone cars but it’s not (always) all about money – it’s showing your gratitude.


Mention team members by name. At team meetings, take a moment to say how grateful you are that Jessica is on your team and why. Personalising your praise and being specific means that it’s received as a genuine feedback and means more than a generic “good job done.” Plus, Jessica might have been worried that she didn’t do a good job or might be having a bad day to that pat on the back might be the EXACT thing she needs in that moment.

Doing this publicly also creates a positive atmosphere and culture around your team.

Remember, when you follow The Simplifiers R.A.D. Method, it won’t take a lot of time or effort. It’s simply small changes that will make a big difference to your company culture.

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