3 simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others

By July 25, 2019Life Hacks

Wish you could stop comparing yourself to others but find your brain thinking…

Are you achieving enough? Are you achieving the “right” things? Would others say that you’re “successful?” Are you on track?

The problem with all these questions is that they ask you to compare yourself to other people. And those other people might have different definitions of success, different challenges and despite appearances, might not even be happy.

You’re not in competition – you have your own life, your own business, your own opportunities and your own path. Comparing yourself to others is not good for our mental health and well being. It doesn’t help us to be the best version of ourselves and can even distract us from the stuff that’s really important to us.

Sure I could be jealous that my friend has an impressive sounding job that flies her all over the world and just got a new designer purse. Or I could be happy for her, maintain a good relationship, and remember that travel makes me anxious, I don’t want a high pressure job that requires late nights most weeks and I prefer a bag I can throw loads of stuff into!

Doesn’t take a genius to work out which approach is going to serve me better. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others and change your mindset to benefit you.


Keep finding yourself stuck in a comparison trap? Here are 3 simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

3 simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others

Take a controversial social media break.

You might think this is impossible – especially if you use social media for work but hear me out!

Social media and all that endless scrolling is not good for us. All of those apps we use are designed to keep us clicking and scrolling. They don’t want us to leave!

Delete Instagram, Facebook or Twitter off your phone just for one week. Even influencers who rely on social media directly for income take breaks so trust me, you and your business will survive!

Notice how much time you have when you’re not scrolling.  Plus it becomes harder to procrastinate and much easier to go to bed earlier.

Vow to not re-install the apps until the 8th day, no matter what and give yourself a reward for sticking with it. When you do go back, think about how you can change how you use social media.

A few ideas:

  • Only follow people who motivate you and leave you feeling good.
  • Don’t reinstall Twitter and Facebook on your phone – limit them to desktop use only.
  • Switch off notifications.
  • Commit to using social media only at set time.

Stop competing and flip the script.

Competing with others takes a lot of energy and focus that could be used positively instead.

Try this: Write your biggest competitor a handwritten letter congratulating them on a recent win or celebrating them in some way that feels genuine.

Fight your ego by giving them a love bomb, in order to flip the script in your head of envy to one of gratitude and celebration. Worst case scenario, you’ve put some good energy out into the world and freed yourself. Best case scenario, it’s the start of a great relationship and who knows where that could take you!

Ask for a reminder.

Ask your friends, family and clients for 2-3 things that they know you do incredibly well.

You might be surprised to hear what they think your super powers are, as you might have forgotten. You’re more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Receive the love!

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