Event Mentor POV #4: Alisa Walsh of EventWorks

By July 27, 2016Mentor POV


Event Mentor POVs are back!

We’re bringing you insights and top tips from some of the best #eventprofs and event mentors in the United States.


Today we’re talking to Alisa Walsh from EventWorks, based in California. Alisa has over 10 years of experience in the events and hospitality industry. Add to that, she was recently named one of the 25 young event pros to watch by Special Events magazine!

Alisa shares her expert insight on being a mentor and thought leader in the events industry and the one thing that is her SECRET WEAPON for keeping track of all the little details…click to read more.

Alisa Walsh from EventWorks – MENTOR POV INTERVIEW

How did you first get involved in the events industry?

I began my career in hotels and performed an internship in catering and convention services. From there, I was hooked and knew that I had to start from the bottom. So, I did!

On average, how many interns do you work with every semester?


What do you think are the most important skills you need as a mentor for event interns?

I believe the most important skill as a mentor is to be cognizant of the needs and desires for each intern to grow. Some seek very detailed guidance and appreciate step-by-step instructions. Others simply appreciate your availability as an advisor when needed. Being able to hone in on what each individual seeks most is hugely impactful.

What tasks do you typically delegate to your interns?

I typically ask my interns to help me with organizing my calendar and appointments, as well as assist with researching business opportunities. Because I am in business development, I will bring my intern with me to as many in-person meetings as possible. The pre-work of scheduling and researching helps them understand who we are meeting with and why.

What’s the best thing about being a mentor?

I had some fantastic mentors while growing my career, and I LOVE being able to give back in that way. I love that I can help guide young students in making smart decisions for their career. Showing them that even as a younger professional myself, being open to new ideas will always be important. Also I get to learn so much from them!

What’s your very best life hack tip you’ve learned along the way as an events professional?

The ‘notes’ section of my iPhone contacts is my own personal secretary. I could NEVER remember so many details about all of the people I meet without immediately writing them in this as soon as a meeting concludes. I always refer to it before I see them again, and BOOM, I create an instant bond for asking how their son’s first semester at NYU is going.

What’s one event or project you’re working on right now that you’re super excited about?

I have a very fun opportunity we are bidding on that will mix my ‘old’ company with my new at EventWorks! Without revealing too many details, I am so excited about the potential of combining two huge passions of mine and creating a hopeful lasting partnership.

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