happy launch day…here’s $50 dollars!

By July 6, 2016July 9th, 2016mentoring

Promo code FINAL

UPDATE: we’ve decided to extend the promo code through the weekend…yay!  Must signup before 11:59pm PST on Sunday, July 10th, 2016.


Happy Launch Day!

We are thrilled to share our brand spanking new website with the world…thank you for visiting The Simplifiers!  If this is the very first time you’ve visited our website, welcome.

We are your undercover superheroes.

we simplify the business of events for you.

MENTORS: we provide all the tools you need to train your team and optimize your business.

BRANDS: we help you produce live events that make an impact.

PLANNERS: we deliver time & time again as your next keynote speaker.

INTERNS: we will transform your life through EPIC training.

we are The Simplifiers.

…and we THANK YOU.  

So, here’s a very special promo code to save $50 off USD The Apprentice Program if you signup before 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, July 10, 2016.

CLICK HERE to signup.

now commence the DANCE PARTY!


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