007: FOCUS: How to Be the Action Hero of Your Own Life & Get Stuff Done

By April 3, 2018April 9th, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

Action Hero, Ellen Goodwin has discovered the superpower of FOCUS and she’s on a mission to help people move from motion into action.  In today’s action-packed episode, Mary challenges Ellen to a “Superhero vs. Action Hero” throwdown! (pssst, listen to learn Mary’s kryptonite!)

Inquiring minds want to know:


Did you hunt the antelope today or did you hunt the mice?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between an Action Hero and a Superhero – which one are YOU?
  • What being a graphic designer taught Ellen about getting out of the “pit of procrastination”
  • How to get past simply planning and into taking action
  • Mary speaks to the importance of accountability, how it is key when you’re a solopreneur, sharing tips on how to tap into your existing resources that are already around you
  • The concept of the “urgent vs. the important matrix” and how it can uplevel your productivity
  • How to “Eat Your Frog” – by doing your big thing first thing in the morning
  • The Planning Fallacy: humans are terrible at predicting how long things will take
  • Parkinson’s Law: A task expands to fill the time afforded
  • Mary is a big believer in noticing the tasks on your plate where you are lacking skills or it takes much, much longer than you anticipated…then delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • What is implementation intention? (if this then that)
  • Easy tools for your Action Hero Toolbox:
    • 1. An Interval timer for the 10+2×5 exercise (focus for 10 minutes, take a break for two minutes and do that five times in an hour every day)
    • 2. Post-it notes: write down three tasks or outcomes at the beginning of each day
    • 3. Automate: besides having a  limited amount of willpower per day, too many decisions cause mental fatigue. Decrease the number of decisions you make every day with habits. (habits do not use up your willpower, yay!) Outfits and meals are just 2 ideas of things you can automate.

My challenge for you this week:

What can you automate and simplify to decrease your daily decisions? Snap a photo and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, people and books mentioned:

Check out Ellen’s “Action Hero” quiz on her website: ellengoodwin.com – 10 easy and fun questions to find out which one of the four Action Hero types you are, followed by actionable tips for your type!

Favorite quotes from this episode:

“Motion is the arch enemy of the action hero” – Ellen

“We are better together…alone serves no one” – Mary

“FOCUS is the Action Heroes’ super power” – Ellen

“Procrastination is just excusing yourself” – Ellen

“Focus is a muscle you must train daily” – Mary

“Once you learn to focus, you can expand time” – Ellen

“For you to get where you want to go, it has to FEEL good” – Ellen

“You know, there is no shame in locking yourself in the bathroom and having a little mommy time-out every now and again!” – Mary (speaking to those with Littles in their household – haha!)

About Ellen Goodwin

Ellen Goodwin is a Productivity Expert, TEDx speaker and coach who works with entrepreneurs to build stronger habits, harness the power of accountability and be more focused so that their businesses thrive and grow.

As the Founder and CEO of EllenGoodwin.com and THE SHIFT Mastermind, she empowers entrepreneurs to become the Action Hero of Their Own lives so that they can have the business and the life they have always imagined.

Ellen resides in sunny San Diego where she is writing her upcoming book on Living the Action Hero Lifestyle.

Ellen’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers podcast:

Brodie Welch: Chiropractor/Ayurveda and Chinese medicine extraordinaire brings productivity to a whole new level based on your Chi energy.  Take a listen to our podcast interview with her here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/006-ayurveda-brodie-welch/

Where Ellen hangs out online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllenGoodwincom/

Website: https://ellengoodwin.com

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