010: Self-Confidence for Female Entrepreneurs, Simplified.

By April 24, 2018May 15th, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

Sheena Yap Chan’s sole purpose, drive and passion is to help women build their self-confidence from the ground up.


Having a purpose bigger than yourself is key to pushing through the obstacles and head towards your goals.

On today’s episode, I chatted with Sheena as she shared how her own struggle with self-confidence led to her to a life-changing experience of building her podcast “The Tao of Self-Confidence”. 500 episodes later, producing 5 shows a week, she interviews women from all over the world about their own inner journey and shares what she’s learned along the way about boosting your own self-confidence.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • WHY self-confidence is still a women’s issue, culturally around the world.
    • Sheena shares what it was like growing up in an Asian family where the rules of the game are: get good grades, get married, get a job, never rock the boat.
    • There is a shift in modern culture where women are saying “stop, enough, no more” around the world. We are finally realizing that we’re stronger and braver than we believe we are and that if we genuinely trust each and band together as a tribe or community that says “enough” together, it will shift our culture globally and help to stop the pattern of how parents raise their little girls.
  • What does confidence look and feel like?
    • Confidence is living life on your terms and doing what scares you.
    • Confidence is learning to be true to yourself and who you really are.
    • Learning to love and accept yourself, flaws and all.  
    • Be your own best friend, instead of your own worst critic.
  • How can we cultivate it?
    • Having a purpose bigger than yourself
    • Practice the power to change things in an instant.
      • How? Flip a negative thought into a positive.
      • Example: when you find yourself asking “what’s wrong with me?” — realize we can switch that up to “what is right about me?”
    • MINDSET: There’s going to be bad days and failures. Look at them as moments of temporary defeat that teach us to be persistent, resilient and stronger.
    • Stop seeking validation from people. Learning to let go of what other people think of you is huge.
    • DIVINE TIMING: Life happens. Things happen that we can’t control and just because you put it away for awhile doesn’t mean your dream is over. When the time is right…
  • What can you do when you hit a slump or lose your mojo?  
    • Focus on your purpose, your purpose will keep you going.
    • Have faith that, if you haven’t got it all figured out, you have the ability to figure it out along the way.
    • Know that you are NEVER alone.
    • Believe that something good can and will come out of this situation.
    • Use post-it notes that say “hey, this is WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.” to remind your “goldfish brain” (Mary-ism) why you’re working so hard or what you’re working towards.
    • You have the power to choose what you listen to: remember that the things you tell yourself and the things that other people tell you about your worth and your value are just stories.
    • Feel your feelings: There’s going to be days where we’re just want to hide behind the covers, watch Netflix all day and eat ice cream. Your full range of emotions should be felt, acknowledged and journaled out.
  • Sheena’s simple tip when you totally lack confidence:
    • Say just three things in your head or out loud in front of the mirror:
      • “I am loved, I am enough and I am worthy”… because as women, we sometimes feel like we’re never enough.

My challenge for you this week:

Do something that scares you this week, whether it’s apply to speak at an industry conference or get on Facebook Live for your business. Or call that mega lead in your hopper and CLOSE THE SALE! Snap a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, people and books mentioned:

”There’s going to be people out there who will resonate with you and some won’t. The right people will resonate with you and that is your tribe.”

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