016: How to Grow Your Small Business, Inch by Inch

As a small business owner, you might fall into the trap of thinking, “oh man, I need to come up with a million dollar idea to build a million dollar business. How the heck am I gonna do that?!!”


Well, my special guest today, Nigel Collin wants to challenge that thought and teach you how to grow your small business in simple, little ways.

He calls it, the Game of Inches. And he’s simplifying how you can create achievable and sustainable growth, inch by inch, one step at a time.  That’s how you create BIG results!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What small, simple steps you can take that will help you grow your business
  • How working with virtual teams can help you get there
  • What to look for when hiring your first virtual assistant
  • What’s the difference between a “fixed” mindset vs a “growth” mindset?
  • How to gain clarity on your WHY and empower your team to also jump on board

…and how to cultivate a champion’s mindset as a leader in your business.

My challenge for you this week:

What’s one small action you can take to grow your business this week?  Share it with me, privately or publicly, by snapping a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

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Favorite quotes from this episode:

[11:25] “If you cannot draw your business plan on a beverage napkin and show it to someone across the table to explain it, it’s too complicated.” – Nigel

[17:09] When hiring your next Virtual Assistant: “So I think just little Game of Inches, you know, just give them a little task and see how it goes. Honestly, don’t get upset about the fact that if it ain’t working, it ain’t working. Move on somebody else.” – Nigel

[17:30] “I find the secret to success in working with Virtual Assistants is having a very clear creative brief stating what we’re trying to accomplish. These are the tasks and objectives of what we’re needing help with, written on paper and not mentioned off the cuff. Be hyper specific.” – Mary

[18:52] “I have a concept, I call it “defining the box,” that’s when you list the parameters, constraints, and the boundaries of something. So if you’re working on a proposal, and this happens with everyone, you’ve got to know, what are the rules of the game? The budget, the constraints, the non-negotiables. If they don’t know what the rules the game and the parameters are, it’s almost impossible for them to work. And what’s interesting, a lot of people think that inhibits other people, [but rather], people like you for it.” – Nigel

[20:14] “I think it’s really, really important to say out loud, a relationship between a Virtual Assistant and you is not a boss and employee kind of relationship. I think it is…you are the client. You’re not the boss, you’re the client. So in order for the vendor/supplier to succeed in the task that they’ve been given, you do need to define the box. It makes a lot of sense.” – Mary

About Nigel Collin

In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel Collin set off on an initiative to travel throughout Australia, solo on his motorbike,to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. His quest was to inspire the ideas of a nation and led to the founding of ‘Ingenious Oz Project’.

In 2014, as an ambassador of Start-up Australia, he interviewed 100’s of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Nigel Collin created his first business at the age of 20 and sold it at 21. He also owned and built one of Australia’s largest and most successful entertainment design companies.

He is now founder and maestro of the book ‘Game of Inches’ and the Podcast by the same name, helping us to get the best return on constant Innovation and improvement.

Where Nigel hangs out online:

Website: https://nigelcollin.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegameofinches

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-game-of-inches/id1384149146?mt=2

Nigel’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Siimon Reynolds – author of “Why People Fail: The 16 Obstacles to Success and How You Can Overcome Them”


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