021: How to Create a Marketing Strategy as a Solopreneur – with Paul Chapman

By July 10, 2018July 11th, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

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Hey friends, if you own your own business, you’re going to love today’s episode. You may hear people throw around fancy jargon like “sales funnels” or “list building”. If you don’t have a clue what they’re talking about – no shame.

Today, we’ll give the low-down on what’s important to your marketing strategy.


My guest today, Paul Chapman, goes back to basics with marketing strategy for solopreneurs.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The first 5 steps when creating a marketing strategy
  • How to use tech smarter, helping you facilitate real life connections that result in sales
  • The best factors to consider when setting your pricing strategy
  • Why low ticket offers are harder to sell than high ticket offers?

Paul is super smart, funny and everything you’d expect from a British man talking about marketing. But in a good way. We had lots of laughs and I hope you enjoy this one.

My challenge for you this week:

Are you being true to your desires for your business AND your personal life?

What action can you take to get on track?

Share it with me, privately or publicly, by snapping a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Book: The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller

Book: To Sell is Human – Daniel H. Pink

Book: (FREE download) The Game Changers – Paul Chapman

App: Soapbox by Wistia – a Chrome extension that allows you to record, edit, and share high-quality videos in minutes.

App: Infusionsoft – automate small business sales and marketing. CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce in one place.

App: ClickFunnels – enabling people to grow their companies through sales funnels.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

[10:48] “I think too many people forget the point of a business. The point of business as the owner is to deliver a lifestyle and that’s the only bit.” – Paul

[11:23] “I know lots of people who’ve jumped off the nine to five and then become a boss of their own, working crazy hours a week, and [become] their own horrible boss. So you do have to come back to basics and simplify.” – Mary

[15:06] “It is no harder to charge a hundred pounds an hour than to charge a thousand pounds an hour. It isn’t any harder, but what you’ll need to do is different.” – Paul

[22:52] “When you’re the face of your company, you can’t hide behind social media. You have to be out there and you have to be a little bit vulnerable and tell the story of you, and your genesis of becoming an entrepreneur.” – Mary

[30:13] “Marketing is just there to create a reaction.” – Paul

[35:43] “The smart people are trying to spend as much as they can to get that client. You can only do that if you know what your lifetime value is worth, but they are trying to spend as much as they can, because you can do some pretty amazing things for five quid that will really stand out.” – Paul

[43:03] “One of the big things that most entrepreneurs don’t do, but should do, is outsource stuff.” – Paul

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About Paul:

Paul is a Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author, International Speaker and the Founder of Marketing Jumpleads.

Known for his creativity in delivering ideas and strategies most people never think of, Paul has a track record of helping businesses grow and move forward to deliver the true task of any business – be a tool to deliver a lifestyle for the people who own it.

Having spent years running and growing businesses for others, including some of the UK’s top Entrepreneurs, Paul set up his first business in 2012.

Paul’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Chris Marr – Founder & Director, Content Marketing Academy Ltd. Teacher and student of content marketing.

Where Paul hangs out online:

Website: marketingjumpleads.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thepaulchapman/

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