026: Breaking Up with Busy – with Yvonne Tally

By August 14, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

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We are continuing on with our focus this month, all about self-care and self-love…and well, today’s topic is a huge, HUGE part of my own journey towards healing.

We’re talking about Busy… with a capital B.

I feel a bit vulnerable (and scared) to say this out loud but one of the biggest stories that I’ve believed in, since I was a very little girl is…

Accomplished = Loved.

And if you just did MORE, you would achieve more. And so when people ask, “how are you?” and you unconsciously say, “oh, I’m sooooooo busy!” – maybe it’s time to pause and reassess if–like I had to–you need to break up with being so busy.


My guest, Yvonne Tally shares her story of being overscheduled, hitting rock bottom, and rebuilding her life to thrive.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why is BUSY a badge of honor these days, and how bad is it?
  • What’s behind the brain chemistry of WHY we are so addicted to our phones and social media
  • How to diagnose if you’re an OSW (aka, an Overscheduled Woman) and if so, which of the 5 types are you
  • What is the 5-step “Super Solutions” process and how to implement it
  • How to shift your mindset in a big, transformative way and stop being so darn BUSY

This one hit me to the core.

It wasn’t an easy conversation but it was a necessary one. I hope that as I share more about my personal story (and especially my fumbles along the way), it’ll spark new ideas of tiny changes you can make in your life, to get back to center.

Let’s #DoTheThing.

My challenge for you this week:

How can you prioritize what’s important today? How can you lighten up, silence perfectionist thoughts, and praise yourself for your progress?

Share it with me, privately or publicly, by snapping a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Book: Breaking Up with Busy: Solutions for the Overscheduled Woman – Yvonne Tally

Book: The Heartfulness Way – Kamlesh D.Patel and Joshua Pollack

TV: Love Island – ITV

Favorite quotes from this episode:

[22:25] “I think if we [collectively] peeled the onion back, what’s really at the core… there is this feeling of not enough. I’m not doing enough. I’m not being enough. I’m not accomplishing enough.” – Mary

[25:50] “Take a deep breath and know that very often, just okay is absolutely 100 percent good enough and that making mistakes allows other people to be of service towards you. It provides an opportunity for someone to lend a helping hand and this is really at the core of what [the overscheduled woman] wants. She wants that lending hand. She wants that pat on the back as just who she is, not what she is doing.” – Yvonne

[30:23] “I want someone to say to me, you did a great job and pat me on the back or rub my feet or something. So what’s that? That’s recognition. That’s appreciation and that really is the core for all of us. This is something as human beings, we all share.” – Yvonne

[35:34] “We tell ourselves a story of what is going to happen, who is going to do it and how it’s going to get done and what could go wrong. So I turn it into what can go right.” – Yvonne

[42:19] “What we have to do is give ourselves permission – permission to allow ourselves to enhance our lives in a way that we find our flow.” – Yvonne

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About Yvonne:

Yvonne Tally is the author of Breaking Up with Busy and leads meditation and de-stressing programs for corporations, individuals, and private groups in Silicon Valley.

An NLP master practitioner, Yvonne cofounded Poised Inc., a Pilates and wellness training studio, and is the founder of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves, a charity that provides headscarves to cancer patients. Yvonne lives in Northern California.

Yvonne’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Stacey Yates Sellar – Happiness researcher, practitioner and coach. Mom, wife and gratitude evangelist.

Where Yvonne hangs out online:

Website: yvonnetally.com

Instagram: @yvonne_tally

Facebook: @yvonne.tally.author

Twitter: @yvonnetally

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