046: How to Sell with Authenticity – with Kendrick Shope

By January 1, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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Happy New Year, superheroes!

My hope is that you are well rested, recharged and ready to tackle the new year with renewed spirit and super-boosters turned to full blast!

This episode officially kicks off season two for The Simplifiers Podcast, and I’m excited to shine the spotlight on my special guest, Kendrick Shope.

She’s a superstar and an undercover superhero in sales. You’re going to absolutely LOVE her as she simplifies how to sell with authenticity without sacrificing one ounce of integrity.

My guest, Kendrick Shope, believes that we all deserve a business that makes money.

AND she shares how to kick the new year off right…

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to overcome your fear of selling
  • How to reframe the word ‘sales’. Repeat after me: ‘Selling is helping.’
  • The six foundations to Authentic Selling® – Kendrick’s signature process
  • Subtle nuances for selling as an online business, vs. a brick/mortar company
  • How to overcome objections and when you hear the word ‘no’

What I love about Kendrick’s core message is that she believes as women, we value the connection we have with people we buy from. So, let’s unpack this truth and understand how to implement this in reality. I think part of it, is about strengthening our relationships with our existing clients, as well as those lurking around the edges – on the verge of reaching out to you.


My challenge for you this week:

Ask yourself, and your friends, what you are good at helping people with. What can, or do you offer—products or skills—that genuinely bring value to people? Write down ideas on how you can get more comfortable with selling these things.

Share it with me, privately or publicly, by snapping a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Mentioned episode on The Simplifiers Podcast: 013: How to Build an Email List with Jenny Shih

Book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind And Create A New One – Dr Joe Dispenza

Sales person mentioned by Kendrick: Marie Forleo

Favorite quotes from this episode:

[11:55] “Here’s the thing about selling. It’s not rocket science. It’s just relationship building at its core.” – Kendrick

[13:40] “When you remember and remind people that you work with, that you are human and you are so thoughtful on the little details, it stands out.” – Mary

[14:52] “If you want to know if you’re really sold on your product or service, answer this question for yourself. Why would my customers consider going into debt to buy my product or service?” – Kendrick

[15:37] “Step number one is create a raving fan with every interaction foundation. Number two, do the common things uncommonly well. Foundation number three, believe in the difference that you make and your products and services. Number four is consistency.” – Kendrick

[18:42] “Investing in some personal branding photos is a wise investment for you because how you show up online, it just gives you, that uniformity, that level of professionalism.” – Mary

[20:40] “The black and white definition of selling is the exchange of money for a product or service. There’s nothing, there’s nothing icky, sleazy, slimy, gross about it.” – Kendrick

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About Kendrick:

Kendrick Shope is the creator of the leading sales training for women entrepreneurs, Sales School, and the Authentic Selling® process which has created millions of dollars in revenue and new business for her clients.

Kendrick hosts her own podcast and TV show, Sell Like A Woman, reaching nearly 100,000 followers in six continents.

Kendrick’s work has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, Inc. and more.

Kendrick’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Andra Liemandt – founder of The Kindness Campaign, dedicated to empowering the next generation of kind leaders.

Where Kendrick hangs out online:

Website: kendrickshope.com

Free download from Kendrick: Learn How To Increase Your Email Opens By 50%

Facebook: @AuthenticSelling

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