047: How to Step Into Your Moxie & Be an Influencer – with Alexia Vernon

By January 8, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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Can I admit a little secret to you? I was terribly shy as a child. Like, ‘hide in my closet, don’t make eye contact, struggle to speak up and talk to anyone’ shy. I was perfectly content playing with my Cabbage Patch dolls and journaling by flashlight, with the accordion doors of my closet closed tight. With the outside world shut out, I was ‘safe.’

I remember having a profound turning point, around age 12. One day, I heard a whisper in my ear that said, “is this the life you want for yourself? It’s time for a change.” And I made the choice… I took one bold step forward and started to speak up, make friends, and find my voice.

My special guest would call that MOXIE.


Alexia Vernon, shares her secrets about how to step into your ‘moxie’ to become an influencer.

As Alexia says, “It’s time to let go of the stories we are carrying around about who we are” and discover your true moxie once again.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to ‘step into your moxie’ & why (some) women struggle to speak up and/or step into the spotlight
  • What the difference is between fear and ‘a sensation’ – and how to work through both
  • How to build resilience as a business leader, handling those ‘bum-bum biting moments.’ Alexia shares insight on how listening to your intuition can help
  • How to ‘Go for the Holy Yes’ when it comes to sales, and how that’s the secret to winning bigger clients
  • How to prepare for a tricky conversation with your team and how to prepare for a Facebook Live video or live talk

Alexia was such a delight to chat with. She is forever championing women like us to speak up for themselves about issues that matter. When we do this—together as a collective helping one another—we each amplify our voices, our visibility and our influence in the world.

Remember – we are better together, alone serves no one.


My challenge for you this week:

Ask yourself what stories you re-play to yourself that keep you feeling ‘less than’. What can you do to reframe your experiences to serve a more positive ‘moxie’ mindset?

Share it with me, privately or publicly, by snapping a photo of you doing the thing and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Book: Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World – Alexia Vernon

Book: Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive – Jessica N Turner

Person mentioned: Dr Jill Bolte Taylor – brain scientist and author of My Stroke of Insight.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

[16:42] “As women, we tend to replay those moments of defeat over and over and over again. And that becomes a story we’re carrying around about who we are rather than recognizing that it’s a moment within our lives.” – Alexia

[20:06] “It’s your choice to own what you hold onto and what you decide to believe in and what you decide to give yourself permission to reframe and release.” – Mary

[29:15] “If you don’t believe that you are 100 percent really truly solving people’s problems with whatever you’re offering, maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and say, okay, what am I unequivocally known for?” – Mary

[30:38] “What are the questions people ask you that you really enjoy answering? It’s a simple question, but usually it creates the nuggets of insight we need to figure out how to hone in in a way that serves, and feels like it’s really us being in our zone of genius.” – Alexia

[33:17] “People who truly are influencers, are people who have a track record of helping others in your sector.” – Mary

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About Alexia:

Alexia Vernon is the author of Step Into Your Moxie. Branded a ‘Moxie Maven’ by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement, she is a sought-after speaking and leadership coach. Alexia delivers transformational keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies and other professional groups and organizations, including the United Nations and TEDx.

Alexia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in women’s studies and has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS and in publications like ForbesWomen, Women’s Health, and The European Business Review.

Alexia’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Jacquette Timmons – financial behaviorist recommended by Alexia.

Where Alexia hangs out online:

Website: alexiavernon.com

Facebook group Spotlight Speakers Salon: @AlexiaVernonEmpowerment

Twitter: @AlexiaVernon

Instagram: @AlexiaVernon

Recommended hashtags: #stepintoyourmoxie, #actsofmoxie

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