074: How to revolutionize your to-do list – with Anne Adametz

By July 16, 2019August 8th, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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If you’re finding urgent tasks are starting to take over your entire life, might I offer a different way to look at it all? Take control, and revolutionize your to-do list…

According to today’s guest, it all starts from within. By taking a look at how we all get caught up in the chaos of ‘busy’, we are able to find peace and choose a better way.


Anne Adametz simplifies how to revolutionize your to-do list

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What causes the tendency we have (as humans) to grip on to problems and create chaos in our lives
  • A better ‘ultimate goal’ to aim for instead of the glorification of busy and how to get there
  • How to achieve ‘flow state’ in your work and life
  • How to find peace in the present moment vs. dwelling on the past or worrying about the future
  • Her 3 simple steps to revolutionize your to-do list… It’s all about: Wake up, Reset, Align
    • Know who you are
    • Understand what your ultimate goal is
    • Schedule in time to align yourself, and bookend your practices daily

We go deep in this episode. Helping you to peel back the layers of your identity, we can truly see what drives you to do more, more, more. And then, you get to decide what comes next. What could you do less of? What are you ready to let go of? Stop chasing the ‘shoulds’ in life… “Oh, I should do this because so-and-so is doing this!”

Getting back to center in this way, can help you laser-focus in on the higher yielding tasks. These are the ones that’ll bring you the greatest return.

To get there, we need to do the inner work first. I hope this conversation today brings you peace and new insight into who you really are, deep down inside.


My challenge for you this week:

How many times can you bring your mind back to your breath today? This can help you tune inwards, prioritize how you feel, and revolutionize your to-do list. Share it with me, privately or publicly. Snap a photo of you doing the thing, and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, people and apps mentioned:

Book: A Still, Small Voice: A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition – Echo Bodine

Link: Guardian article on Vipassana – My exhausting meditation retreat: 10 days of Vipassana, silence and spiders

Podcast episode recommendation: B060: 5 lessons from Brené Brown @ Mom 2.0 Summit

Book: Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo – Carrie Anton & Jessica Nordskog

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Favorite quotes from this episode:

[09:31] “Who you really are is unlimited potential.” – Anne

[10:42] “When you’re needing to make a big transition, instead of asking someone else or looking to someone else for the answer, it’s learning to really listen within. To what you know to already be true.” – Anne

[12:40] “What you can do is build a new neural pathway. All those [old thinking patterns] are [still] going to be there, that’s just normal. But I can accept myself anyway.” – Anne

[17:49] “Look at the things that are on your to do list right now. How many of those things are really pushing the needle forward in your ultimate business goals?” – Mary

[19:16] “The big thing that causes us to not be present or aligned with our goals, is when we judge what’s happening.” – Anne

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About Anne:

Anne Adametz is a Mentor, Acupuncturist, and Yoga Therapist. Anne has traveled to over 20 countries to deepen her understanding of Yoga, Chinese medicine, meditation, mental health, and essential oils. With this knowledge, Anne helps women leaders heal.

Within 5 years, Anne lost both her brother and mother. This left her family emotionally traumatized and spiritually confused. Anne decided to leave corporate America, and immersed herself in learning the purpose of emotions, decoding body/mind and healing herself.

Today, Anne speaks, writes and mentors women leaders of companies, families, and community. She helps you to take back your power, know who you are, and enjoy a life of powerful, loving, peaceful awareness.

Where Anne hangs out online:

Website: anneadametz.com

Instagram: @anneadametz

Anne’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Laura Roeven – International Life Coach of Terra Simpla Life Coaching, in the Madison, WI area.

Anne Adametz - revolutionize your to-do list

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