BONUS 007 – Unlock Your Inner Undercover Superhero

By April 27, 2018September 25th, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

It’s time to UNLOCK your Inner Undercover Superhero!
Today’s SUPER thought of the day is this…


I believe that to be a Simplifier in life, you’ve got to unlock your inner Undercover Superhero vibes.

In today’s mini-episode, you will learn…

What an Undercover Superhero is:

They work behind-the-scenes… that’s the “undercover” bit… inspiring others, making a positive impact on the world by:

  • sharing their genius,
  • their art,
  • their products/services,
  • their brilliance,
  • their inspiration with their clients, their kids, their spouses, their church or tribe and their friends.

In little, teeny tiny, thoughtful ways or in big, massive swoops. They do the thing.

  • But also someone who EQUALLY takes care of themself, as well as others around them.

In my mind, they are leaders, beacons of hope and lights for others in the darkness.

And what they are not:

  • Undercover Superheroes aren’t martyrs, they aren’t victims.
  • They don’t allow themselves to get worn down, burnt out or frazzled.

So, let’s take a moment and imagine what YOUR Inner Undercover Superhero would be like!

Let’s bring her to life!

Here’s how – set a 7 minute timer, grab a journal and tap into your child-like side of imagination and play!

Let’s discover your Undercover Superhero:

  • Give her a name
  • What is her super power that she’s known for?
  • How does she show up in the world?
  • Who does she serve, NOT save?
  • How does she recharge her powers?
  • What drains her powers?
  • Who are her allies?
  • What can you do TODAY to release her out into the world?

Hey girl… capes are making a big COMEBACK this year!

It’s the year of the UNDERCOVER SUPERHERO! And it all starts with you…

If this “Thought of the Day” inspired you…

Snap a photo of yourself as an Undercover Superhero in whatever aspect of your life…either at work or at home! Send it to me via Instagram, privately or publicly. Just tag @thesimplifiers –  I’ll be your virtual accountability buddy in your quest to simplify your life.

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