BONUS 008 – How to Stop Analysis Paralysis

By May 4, 2018May 15th, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

Got a big decision to make? Let’s talk about analysis paralysis.


“Analysis Paralysis” – You know, that thing you do when you’re trying to make a decision on something but find yourself stopping DEAD in your tracks.  Why do we do that??

Well, it’s incredibly common and it all boils down to this. We are over-thinking all the little details in this decision, no matter if it’s a big one or a small one, we are totally sweating the small stuff.    And getting nothing done, in return.

So, here’s a few warning signs if you’re suffering from analysis paralysis:

  • You can’t seem to stop digging in for more and more details before deciding to buy, sell, stop, start or do the thing
  • You’re overwhelmed by too many choices to pick from – having a hard time narrowing it all down
  • You’re waiting for the stars to align and the absolute perfect moment for things to be “right” before proceeding forward
  • You’re afraid of making the “wrong” decision or flubbing it up
  • … or maybe the pain isn’t great enough now to finally do something and decide…so you put it off another week.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Let’s help you move past this road block and help you DO THE THING today.

Here are my top 3 tips to break through analysis paralysis:

  1. Dig deeper – maybe what’s going on here is the decision is way, way, WAY too big and you need to unpack it a bit. Ask yourself:
    • How urgent/important is this decision? (scale of 1-10)
    • Will this impact me a year from now?
    • If I don’t decide, what’s the worst that could happen?
    • What is the desired outcome from this decision? what does success look like for you, in the long run?
    • Is this decision aligned with your Core Desired Feelings?
    • Remember, don’t overthink it…just start.
  2. Set a timer – I’m a big believer in setting a 7-minute timer. Clear the distractions, put your headphones on, head down and just focus on this ONE thing. I start by journalling things out on paper, so it’s out of my head and on to paper. What are my fears circling around this decision? What’s REALLY going on underneath? Give yourself this breathing room to uncover the block, address it and figure out your next move…do I need more information or can I simply decide right now. If you need more time, no problem but always set a drop-dead deadline for yourself on when you’ll decide.
  3. Ask a trusted advisor – Whether it’s a mentor, a business partner, a colleague or a friend, sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of outside perspective from someone who isn’t as close to the issue as you are. Keep in mind, spouses and partners may be able to give great advice on some things, but they might not be the best people to go to as your first advisor – as you may find they are shielding you from pain or disappointment at times because they love you. Of course, it depends on your relationship and everyone is different, but I find talking to other business owners in my mastermind, people who truly have a detached, 3rd party and holistic perspective but still come at it with a loving approach because we’ve built up trust over the years.

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