BONUS 009 – How to Succeed in Life.

By May 11, 2018May 15th, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast


What does it take to succeed in life?

Recently, I was inside a Facebook group full of female creative entrepreneurs and someone (I’ll call her Nancy) wrote this:

“It’s crazy how many amazing beautiful women are a part of this group. I mean you all have become my role models. I just want to follow in your shadows! How do you all become such influences on social media, life, work?? You all really glow. What is everyone’s routines? I have to ask…are y’all 5am risers? Workout by 6am? Dominating the world by 10am? Like what’s in the water you all are drinking?”

…that last bit totally made me chuckle!  

Green smoothies, an influencer does NOT make, dear friend.

I could drink the heck out of green smoothies, but still have a life that is a HOT MESS.

So, here’s how I responded back…

Here are my secrets to success:

✅ Choose only one big quarterly goal to focus on in your business… clarity and progress comes when you laser focus.

✅ Drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning to flush your digestive system

✅ Wake at 6:45a, go to sleep by 10:30p whenever humanly possible

✅ Stash raw almonds, raw sugar snap peas and gala apples in your desk and car so you’re snacking on healthy stuff that feeds your brain too.

✅ Take imperfect action daily…discipline is a muscle you train. And perfectionism and comparison are the traps most fall into.

You do you. Cheer others on. And take the very next step.

Well, that response bubbled up out of me from deep inside. I was feverishly tapping that out on my phone, as fast as my intuition was spilling out the wisdom, attempting to catch every last bit.

It got 24 likes and loves… but that doesn’t matter.

What matters in life is this:

By responding, by showing up, by sharing what I’ve learned in the last 40 years of living, by giving first, reflecting back love 2nd, I made real life connections with other women who inspire me.

We are in this together.

And the solutions already sit inside us.

It just requires us the courage to perk our ears up and listen.

It’s so simple, friends.

Heed my advice, go back and listen and listen again whenever you need a reminder.

And then, take a step towards what you want in life.

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