BONUS 012 – One Simple Step To Clear Your Brain 

What do you do when you’re feeling mentally blocked?

Okay, promise you won’t laugh… but seriously, this totally works for me!

Imagine this, you’re working at home, mindlessly scrolling Facebook, falling down the rabbit hole that is social media. (Girl, I do it too sometimes…there’s no shame!)

There’s your to-do list, sitting there, staring back at you and what do you do? You make another cup of tea, then double tap over to Instagram and look at pretty pictures, instead of doing the thing.

Want to know my secret to snap out of it and clear your brain?

Take a shower.

No really, stop what you’re doing right now and go take a shower!

When I stop the vicious cycle of procrastination and focus on something that’ll actually nourish me instead, it works wonders. You’re breaking the habit loop, you’re giving yourself some breathing room to think and BE, instead of attempting to do, do, do.

And this is important. Your creative brain needs a change of pace and I’m willing to bet, especially if you’re a solopreneur working at home, you probably need a wash. (ha!)

When I take the time to shower, that’s when my intuition ALWAYS comes up with clever new ideas on how to overcome my challenges. Every single time, without fail.

Water is MAGIC, you guys. No really.

Just 10 minutes to wash it all away, I always come away with 3 new ideas.

So, make sure to have a notepad on the sink to write down those new ideas. That way, they don’t slip away.

Put on a fresh set of clothes and feel like an absolute HERO in the fact that you flipped the script in your brain and got a fresh perspective.

For those who work in an office and there’s no showers anywhere nearby, here’s how to make this simple idea work for you:

Go wash your hands.

But don’t rush through that moment. I mean, really slow down, take a good 5-7 minutes to lather up your hands, warm up the water, feel the soap between your fingers and do the task mindfully. Lock the bathroom door and have a moment for yourself.  And don’t forget the hand lotion.

The key here is sloooooooow down. Take this time for yourself. Don’t try to multi-task. Just focus on the moment itself.

And see what your intuition is really, really trying to tell you right now.

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