BONUS 033 – How Much is Too Much to Share on Social Media?

By October 26, 2018The Simplifiers Podcast

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Today, I want to talk about something that’s been itching under the surface for me lately. How much is too much to share on social media, especially if you use social media professionally for your business?

Can we simplify that?

I don’t know about you, but my relationship with social media has really changed in 2018. I’ve been actively using social from around 2007 up until March this year, consistently posting things daily on pretty much every platform out there.

However, that all changed when the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was revealed in the news. Something changed in my brain. Maybe it’s an awakening of sorts, where I really, truly started to realize just how much social media was affecting my brain and my wellbeing – some times in a good way. Most times, not.


The traps

The mindless death scroll I do when I think I’m ‘connecting’ with people but actually, I’m just zoning out, wasting time and falling into the comparison trap. That little voice inside my head that goes, “WOW. Look at her life, her fancy vacation, her smiling kids, her… everything!!” (it’s really embarrassing to admit this out loud.) And quite frankly, it’s destructive to me as well.

I started to understand that social media is gathering data on me and what I post, and then showing me ads for things that they ‘think’ I need. I also saw that I was only shown certain people’s posts due to an algorithm. This all led me to question WHY I was investing so much time and effort in to this thing in my life.

Taking inventory

  • Is this serving me still?
  • Is this serving my business?
  • Is there a better way?

In the exercise of taking inventory, I decided to pull back and take a digital detox for the entire month of July, deleting all the social media apps off my phone, all except Instagram.

That was an incredibly valuable learning experience and I go into greater detail on that detox in Bonus 017 – Why I Quit Facebook and How You Can Too.

And now…

Now I’ve integrated some parts of social media back in to my daily routine, I’m left wondering, “How much is too much to share online?”

Bottomline, you’ve got to decide what feels right for you, and below I share some things to consider to help you to to that. To start with, let’s focus on how you use social media professionally, as it relates to your business.

BEFORE you post…

1. Ask yourself WHY

Why are you posting this? Is it NOISE or does it bring value to your audience? Would it help your fans and followers know more about you, the face behind the business? Does it help them solve a problem or pain point they have… or give them new insight in their own lives, based on the story you tell about your life? “This thing happened to me, which sparked this change in my life. Here’s what I learned…” kind of thing.

2. Don’t be afraid to show yourself

So many business owners and solopreneurs struggle with stepping into the spotlight when it comes to what they share on social media. Remember, people do business with people, especially if you’re a consultant, a coach or a freelancer. They want to learn about your personality, your quirks, your communication style BEFORE they reach out to you, because they want to make sure you are someone they want to work with. So, show your face. Use your voice. Take people behind the scenes on an average work day in your office. Maybe show them a little bit of what you do before and after work, if you think it helps paint a picture. Test it out and see what feels good for you.

As an example, go to @thesimplifiers to see a sneak peek in to my day-to-day life; when I’m headed to the gym, when I’m out in nature, and sometimes when I’m meditating on the train.

These are all aspects in my life that help me simplify, slow down and gain clarity. This is relevant because it might inspire you guys to try something different and new in your own life, so you too can simplify. Make sense?

3. Make your client the hero

You are not the hero of the story, your client is. To help get clear on this very important point, listen in to episode 036 with Carmen Schreffler – How to Clarify Your Brand’s Message. Also, check out the StoryBrand framework to help you out.

How can your expert knowledge help your followers, fans and clients along their hero journey to conquering their greatest challenges in life?

Keep in mind – you are the guide.

Try reframing your social media posts where you are Yoda, not Luke Skywalker. You are Gandalf, not Bilbo Baggins.

That simple reframe changes everything!

4. Is it a scar or a wound?

Fellow podcaster, Jenna Kutcher asks “is it a scar or a wound?”

I love that analogy. If you’re about to share something vulnerable on your social media, just take a moment and ponder…

Is this a scar (it happened in the past and you can now talk about it openly with perspective) or is it a wound (something that is still painful now and is really hard for you to share).

If it’s a wound, then think twice about sharing it right now. That’s for you to decide, always.

And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend… come in closer.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve taken a little inventory, I highly recommend you stop, pause and check in with yourself…

Simply ask yourself:

“Do I feel better or worse after using this social media platform?”

If it makes you feel ‘less than’ or gives you feelings of ‘bleh’ like you’ve just consumed empty calories for your brain, dear one, consider deleting the app off your phone, even just for this week.

Give yourself this gift by taking a break for a little bit to reset. Get back to center. Breathe.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

If this thought of the day inspired you…

Snap a photo of you doing the thing and send it to me via Instagram, privately or publicly… just tag @thesimplifiers – I’ll be your virtual accountability buddy in your quest to simplify your life.

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As always friends, keep things simple.

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