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By December 14, 2018March 5th, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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As they say in the UK, you may be “having a bit of a wobble” right now. I feel ya, girl. We’ve all been there, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. A newbie in your career or a seasoned professional.

At times, our confidence sneaks right out the door when we least expect it, leaving us feeling a little bit ‘less than’.

Or maybe you’ve started something new and it’s gotten you feeling a bit nervous? It makes perfect sense… change is tricky and you’re stepping in to the great unknown.

So, how do you begin to reframe this exciting, new journey ahead and rebuild your confidence along the way?

I’ve got a few ideas…


How to reframe and rebuild confidence

Make it a game

Approach this new change in your life as a game.

Zoom out from those feelings of overwhelm and just pretend for a second that you’re observing a player in a video game, running through a maze.

Which direction should she take next? Make it playful, and infuse a bit of light-hearted fun into it.

What kind of ‘power-ups’ could you give her to have a boost today? (Think green smoothies, a trip to the gym, or seeing friends.)

When you zoom out of the bubble, you take an observer’s point of view. And when you do that, you’ll start to see the things as less intense, less scary. Your confidence will slowly grow over time.

Take the lean approach

There’s an excellent book called The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries.

It talks about the Feedback Loop, which is an approach that startups use to test a new business idea. It allows you to see if an idea is viable, and pivot quickly without too much time, money or resources spent.

I find this Feedback Loop helps increase confidence, when I start a new project.

The cycle is simple; Learn > Build > Measure, and back again to start the cycle over.

  1. Learn what your target audience wants and needs the most from you. Then, create a hypothesis.
  2. Build a minimum viable product for them to try (find out more in the book)
  3. Measure how well it worked and refine the parts that need improvement. With a framework like this, you’ve got a roadmap to follow as you make improvements to your company’s product offerings. It’s less of a shot in the dark, and more of a strategic plan to follow. This will help boost your confidence even when you’re experimenting in a brand new territory in your business

Find your people

Everyone needs a trusted confidant in life.

Someone who will build you up rather than knock you down. It’s incredibly important to find that person (or people) in your life. All you need is one person. Someone who you can text and say, “hey, I’m feeling a bit down right now… can we chat it out real quick?”

And they will be there for you. Most times, you just need someone to listen and ask smart questions, so you can uncover the answers that already sit inside you. Other times, you just need someone to cheer you on and bring over tacos. (At least, that’s what works for me…) Bottomline, find your tribe.

Whether that’s at a local networking group, a mastermind, a business coach or a business bestie… Or maybe, you find this friend socially through a local church, a Meetup, or a neighborhood association. Again, all you need is one person.

Confidence grows when you feel plugged into a local community, and feel connected with like-minded peers. Whatever you do, don’t isolate yourself.

It may feel easier to disconnect, but in the long run, you need people.

And they need you.

And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend… come in closer.

The confidence you seek already sits inside you now.

Something recently might have knocked the wind out of your sails, or something didn’t go as planned. Maybe your self-esteem is feeling a bit bruised or the winter blues are starting to creep in.

Hear me out, friend. This too shall pass. In fact, I can guarantee it.

Whatever crap moment you are going through right now, it won’t last forever. So, take the time today to nourish yourself, slow down and listen. Listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you right now.

What is your fear trying to say? Listen and journal it out. Reread and process.

Acknowledge those voices and then choose to step out in bold faith by continuing to take that very next step forward in your work and in your life.

You are brilliant.

Know and trust your innate strengths.

Please know you’re worthy of love, connection, and everything you desire.

You can do this, I believe in you.

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