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By December 21, 2018March 5th, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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It’s tricky, isn’t it? When you’ve got a regular 9-to-5, clock in/clock out sort of job, there’s always a big hustle to get everything done. There comes a time when you throw your hands up and say, “enough!” and leave it behind until after the holidays. Not a work-thought crosses your mind until you’ve had your fill of pie and afternoon naps.

Is it the same when it’s your company?

I say no.

There’s more skin in the game.

These are YOUR clients we’re talking about.

If you disappoint them, what if they don’t come back? What if you miss a detail that royally screws you in the coming months? What if, what if, what if?

Has this feedback loop started in your brain yet?

Okay, pause. Stop.

Let’s flip it, stick it, and simplify it.

This little exercise will help you manage your work over the holidays so you can get the REST your body, mind and spirit desperately needs to be replenished:


Flip it

Your mind is likely whirling with all the to-do’s both personally and professionally right now like brown paper packages tied up with strings… but the reality looks worse than a disaster cake on ‘Nailed It: Holiday Edition’ on Netflix.

It’s time to get it all on paper. Every last bit of stuff you think needs to be done before you break for the holidays, big or small.

  • Pull out your journal and pen
  • Set a 7-minute timer
  • Make the mother of all to-do lists by brain dumping it all down before the timer goes off

Once you’ve got your list, flip it to someone you trust who can help you figure out which things desperately need to get done and which can wait. Showing it to someone else helps you see clarity in your (temporary) moment of insanity.

Stick it

Now that you’ve prioritized what’s urgent and important and everyone agrees what needs to be done before we clock out, you’ve got to stick to the plan.

That means, NO. NEW. IDEAS. UNTIL. 2019!

This was something I would lovingly say to my wedding clients when planning their wedding… no new ideas two weeks before the big day.

“No, you cannot hand-craft 1000 origami paper cranes to hang above the dining table.”

“No, you cannot create the perfect playlist for that upcoming road trip that’ll stimulate the kids brains and keep you from going mad as you drive to grandma’s house.”

“No, you cannot do a last minute sales push out of the blue, wasting precious money on Facebook ads that no one is seeing.”

“No, you cannot send out Christmas cards to the 500 people on your list.”

It’s too late, you missed the boat. You cannot add new things to your to-do list. And can I say, not once did a client say to me after the wedding, “I regretted that decision. I wish I’d done more.”

Friends, I say this with love… Do less. Slow down. Stick to the plan. Respect yourself. It’s all going to be okay.

Simplify it

Phew! It’s nearly time to shut it all down and hibernate like bears for the winter.

Make sure you communicate to your clients when you’re away beforehand (so there are no surprises), set your email auto responses, tidy your desk (because let’s face it, who enjoys coming back to a messy desk after a big break??) and put your head down to do the work.

Simplifying means singular focus, one task at a time. Time block it in your calendar until it’s all done. Once each task is done, reward yourself with a nice, cold glass of water or a big stretch. Or if a sliver of sunlight has peaked out beyond the grey winter cold, get outside and soak it up.

Simplify means doing your best, but not getting obsessed with perfect. Just getting things done and being part of ‘Team Good Enough!’ (I shout that whenever I need a boost… Team Good Enough!) And whatever doesn’t get done in time, relay that to your team and your clients.

Be honest and upfront and make a plan to work on it when you return. The world won’t crumble. Neither will your business. It’s going to be okay.

And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend… come in closer.

Take a break. I’m giving you permission.

I spoke to a client recently and she said she hasn’t taken a vacation in five years. FIVE. WHOLE. YEARS.

That’s a recipe for absolute, utter burnout.

You need space to breathe. To relax. To reset. To sit in your pajamas, eat dark chocolate truffles and re-watch The OA to catch all the Easter eggs and jazz hands. To hibernate. To reconnect with the kiddos, with your parents while they’re still around. With yourself.

Please take a break. That’s the reason you quit your 9-to-5 job and decided to start your small business. So you’d have freedom and total control of your schedule. This is the ultimate gift you can give to your clients and to yourself.

A well-rested, refreshed and recharged YOU.

Ready to take on the new year with vitality and brilliance.

Give yourself this gift. Make it a week. Hey, why not two weeks, what the heck!

You’ve got big adventures coming up in 2019.

Now is the time to rest.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

If this thought of the day inspired you…

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