210: How to cultivate healthy relationships – with Brianne Davis (PART TWO)

By December 3, 2021The Simplifiers Podcast

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Earlier this week, we shared part one of this conversation, all about how to cultivate healthy relationships and it’s certainly a HOT TOPIC. The truth is, I find it’s so hard to see the toxicity you (willingly) invite into your life (albeit a bad client, boyfriend or otherwise), until it’s way, way, WAY too late. If you resonate with that, raise your hand. And know this… you have the power to change things. Give yourself a little grace, you can break this cycle. Know that it all starts here, my friend.

Now, if you haven’t heard part one, go back and listen to that one first. But if you’re ready to continue on, let’s pick back up here with my conversation with Brianne Davis as she simplifies how to cultivate healthy relationships.

Here’s how. 


My special guest today is author Brianne Davis and she’s simplifying how to cultivate healthy relationships.

We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including:

  • Maybe the best way to tackle this topic is to define what an UNHEALTHY relationship looks and feels like, first. What the warning signs are that you might be in an unhealthy relationship
  • Brianne’s story when she realized she was a sex and love addict – what that term means and at what point she hit rock bottom in her life
  • What the recovery process looks like for sex and love addicts, and which resources have been most valuable for her along the way
  • Why she has ‘10 rules to live by’ that help her create and maintain healthy relationships – we took a deep dive into 2-3 of them
  • …and ultimately, how to create better boundaries for yourself in relationships, both personally and professionally.

As we wrap season four and 2021, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a devoted listener to The Simplifiers Podcast. I love doing this work and based on the 5-star reviews and feedback we’ve received recently, it sounds like we are headed in the right direction with this podcast.

As always, thank you for telling just one friend about this podcast this week and helping us grow our following around the world.

In the coming weeks in December, we’ll look back at our favorite episodes this season and then come back STRONG in 2022 with a whole new season of incredible thought leaders, authors, and interviews to help us all simplify all aspects of our work and life.

Q: Are you ready to cultivate healthy relationships in your life? If yes, this one is for you.

It’s time to #DoTheThing!

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My challenge for you this week:

How are you going to take what you’ve learned in today’s episode and to help you cultivate healthy relationships? What’s one thing you’ll do differently? Share it with me, privately or publicly. Snap a photo of you doing the thing, and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Book: Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict: A Seductively Wild Ride to Self-Love – Brianne Davis

Article: I’m a sex and love addict. Here’s how I realized I had a problem – Brianne Davis – HuffPost

Podcast: How to get sober + overcome addiction, featuring Laura McKowen – The Simplifiers Podcast

Resource: SLAA: is it right for me? 40 questions for self-diagnosis – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Book: Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects – Steps Six and Seven – Todd Weber

Podcast: Liz Svatek: I cut ties with my toxic sister – Brianne Davis – Secret Life Podcast

Podcast: How to listen to your body, featuring Irene Lyon – The Simplifiers Podcast

Podcast: How to squash your limiting self-beliefs – The Simplifiers Podcast

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About Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis – She is an actor, director, producer, and writer whom you might recognize as a series regular in the History Channel’s “Six” and a role in the upcoming season of Netflix’s “Lucifer.” Her first lead role came in 2005 with the blockbuster hit Jarhead, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and has appeared on “True Blood,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “CSI: Miami” and ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” amongst others.

Brianne released her first book, “Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict, a novel based on a decade in recovery, and a little creative license.

Where Brianne hangs out online:

Website: briannedavis.com

Website: secretlifenovel.com

Instagram: @thebriannedavis

Facebook: @thebriannedavis

Twitter: @thebriannedavis

TikTok: @the.briannedavis

Brianne’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

…you’ll just have to wait and see in PART TWO of this conversation!

Brianne Davis

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