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Before you sit down to brainstorm, the first step is to create headspace, and a bit of breathing room in your mind.

Building on my conversation with Carrie Anton recently—where we talked all about brainstorming solo—I got to thinking… It’s tricky to come up with solutions if your brain is swimming (nay, drowning) in challenges and swirling thoughts.

Here’s how I take a step back and create headspace:

  • Breathe
  • Drink
  • Walk… and let’s GO!

Let’s break that down…


1. Breathe

Breath is the life force that helps our physical bodies to create new blood cells, digest, process, and ultimately heal. Why then, do we forget to breathe when we’re stressed? I know I do this too. All. The. Time.

So before you take a seat to solve the world’s problems (or sort out the thoughts in your mind), take a moment…

  • Focus on your breath
  • Take three deep, belly-filling breaths to help you get back to center
  • In through your nose, letting your tummy expand
  • Hold it for a split second
  • Slowly breathe out through your mouth
  • Allow the air to clear your lungs, and expel any nasties you were holding onto.

Go on, do it now… you deserve it! Simply focus on the breath rising and falling inside you as your mind-body-spirit comes back into alignment. Breathing is the simplest way to create headspace.

2. Drink

No sorry, I don’t mean a cocktail.

I actually want you to pour yourself a tall glass of ice cold water. (Yes, right now… I can wait!) Hydration helps stimulate your brain cells to get in motion. So, it’s time to get to drinkin’!

And if you’re not a big fan of water, spruce it up with lemon juice, sliced cucumber or even a splash of ‘squash’ if you live in the UK (that’s like Crystal Light for those who live in the states!)

If you’re adding tons of sugar into your drink, it will cause your brain to crash shortly after. So avoid sugar, and avoid booze.

There’s a special machine at my gym that measures my body’s hydration levels, and I’m always shocked to find how (gosh darn) dehydrated I really am. Especially during the summer months.

When your body is dehydrated, you’re likely to experience brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, and grumpiness.

You know as well as I do, none of these things are good for brainstorming and they certainly don’t help you create headspace.

So drink up, give yourself this gift, and feel better immediately!

3. Walk

I find that if I need to clear my brain and create headspace, it’s time to lace up my shoes and get out in nature. If you’re a runner, go for it.

But really, even a 15 minute walk can do wonders for your brain.

If you decide to wear your headphones, keep in mind what you are putting in your ears as this can affect your mood. Sure, a couple of Sam Smith tunes will feel like a sad, cozy blanket, but maybe what you really need is a jolt to the system with a little bit of Lizzo or Christine and the Queens to create a slice of headspace.

Hey, don’t forget to breathe and take your water bottle with you, friend.

One final whisper

Resist the temptation to procrastinate right now. Your brain might be saying to you, “Oh, I’ll do that later. Not now, not now.”

If not now, then when?

If never, then are you okay with that decision?

Creating headspace is all about returning home, getting back into alignment within your body, slowing your mind, and reconnecting with your spirit.

Bottomline, when I’m calm, I make better choices.

When I’m frazzled…

I’m reaching for the donuts.

I’m impulse online shopping.

And I’m searching for comfort in every place, except from within.

It’s a trap.

And it will never lead you towards what you really, really want from your work or life. Sure, it might give you a quick buzz or high, but soon after comes the fall, right back into old habits and routines. No progress made whatsoever.

Headspace is what you need, if you want to feel inspired to creatively brainstorm a new reality, or simply to find clarity in a difficult situation. To create that headspace, remember to set your compass on the things that will truly nourish you…

Your breath.

Your hydration.

Your ability to get out in nature and see a different perspective.

The answers you seek might be simpler than you think.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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