061: How to grow your small business with a ‘3 Word Rebellion’ – with Dr. Michelle Mazur

By April 16, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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Three simple words can change everything. Creating a ‘3 Word Rebellion’ can help build your audience, magnetise customers to love you, and grow your business.

Here’s the thing… if you’ve branched out and launched your own small business, there’s a special spark that sits inside you.

You see things differently than most. It’s likely you’ve got a “one-of-a-kind idea, that will not only spread like wildfire, but will also change minds, incite action, and leave a legacy you can be proud of” – Michelle Mazur.

My special guest calls this your ‘3 Word Rebellion’, and she shares the power of simplifying your ethos right down into 3 little words.

Dr. Michelle Mazur simplifies how you can grow your small business by discovering three simple words

Today’s episode will help you begin the journey to excavate your ‘3 Word Rebellion’, shape it and launch it into the world.

Michelle believes, “in today’s world, the only way to help people is to be heard – to have your ideas touch their hearts, stir their feet to action, and prompt them to become ‘messengers of the message’.” Here’s how:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a ‘3 Word Rebellion’ is, and how it can inspire a movement within your target audience
  • Why you need to confidently step into being the leader of your movement
  • Using ‘Start With Why’ as a case study, we’ll break it down and see what makes this a super powerful ‘3 Word Rebellion’ for Simon Sinek
  • How to create your own ‘3 Word Rebellion’, using Michelle’s writing prompts:
  • What are you rebelling against?
  • What ticks you off?
  • What kind of world do you want to live in?
  • What kind of change do you want to create?
  • How to use an ‘inciting incident’ to launch your message and build your business

Today’s episode is so much more than figuring out your elevator pitch. It’s all about getting to the root of what you believe in, why your business exists, and how to rebel against the status quo. This is the thing that will make a difference in the world. The ‘3 Word Rebellion’ is a step-by-step process that could grow your business, audience, and influence.

It’s time to simplify!


My challenge for you this week:

Using the writing prompts listed above (also found in Michelle’s book), take some time to do some free writing. Pick out the common words and themes to help you create your 3 word rebellion. Share it with me, privately or publicly. Snap a photo of you doing the thing, and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

Links, books and apps mentioned:

Book: 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business Into a Movement – Dr. Michelle Mazur

Book: Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones – James Clear

Favorite quotes from this episode:

[01:51] “The three word rebellion is a one of a kind message that encapsulates the change you want to create for your audience and for your clients.” – Michelle

[02:07] “By creating a 3 Word Rebellion that is compelling and curiosity provoking, you are going to get the right people raising their hands and saying YES.” – Michelle

[06:23] “It’s really excavating your core values, what you believe in as a person, but also what your company believes in as a brand.” – Mary

[07:53] “When you’re doing the free writing, you move out of your mind, and are just are writing your values [which] are underlying everything.” – Michelle

[13:12] “I am not just asking you to create a three word rebellion. I am asking you to step into leadership, to claim your power, your expertise” – Michelle

[21:09] “After you’ve done the free writing and you’re completed with that, you pause and you let it sit for like a day or two before you even look at it again.” – Michelle

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About Michelle:

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. founded Communication Rebel® on the belief that communication changes the world, so that’s what she helps business owners and speakers do: rebel against the status quo to make a difference, one compelling message at a time.

She is the author of 3 books including the newly released 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business Into a Movement and the host of the Rebel Rising Podcast.

She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her adoring husband, three obsessive felines, and a huge collection of Duran Duran memorabilia.

Michelle’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Rachel Alexandria – Change-maker influencer, speaker, ‘adulting’ advocate, therapist.

Where Michelle hangs out online:

Website: drmichellemazur.com

Instagram: @drmichellemazur

Facebook: @DrMichelleMazur

Podcast: Rebel Rising Podcast

Video version of the episode

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