B062: How to give yourself first class self-care

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I want to help you uncover if choosing ‘first class’ self-care could make all the difference to how you feel. Every single day. To find out, you just need to answer 3 simple questions…

As you may know, I get the opportunity to do quite a bit of travel with my work as a public speaker and business coach. I love exploring a new city, finding the sunshine and meeting new people. Heck, when I’m on the road, even the tiny bottles of shampoo spark a bit of joy in me (a la Marie Kondo style).

In light of my recent conversation with financial advisor, Hilary Hendershott, I’m finding quite a few parallels to how I travel and how I practice self-care. Which makes me ponder…

  • When is it better to travel first class vs basic economy?
  • What am I telling my psyche over and over again, when I travel cheap?
  • How important is the experience vs. what you actually get for the money spent?

Here are 3 questions to see if first class self-care could make the difference to you.


3 questions to uncover if first class self-care is the way forward

1. When is it better to travel first class vs basic economy?

Great question.

Whenever I take the train down to London from Nottingham, I always opt for ‘first class,’ no matter what. It’s a short trip (a little less than two hours), but that upgrade makes all the difference in the world. I book it through the Trainline app, and the perks of traveling first class include:

  • Free WiFi and power outlets to charge my devices
  • Free coffee and a bacon sandwich (if it’s early in the morning)
  • Bigger seats…
  • and less noise

All of this equates to more calm, more headspace and well, more bacon in my life. (Can’t complain, really!)

So imagine your day ahead using this analogy in the choices you’ll face.

Would your mental health benefit if you upgraded from ‘basic economy’ to ‘first class’ today?

And I’m not talking about throwing down hundreds of dollars every time you travel. (In fact, what’s surprising is that upgrading to a first class ticket on a train might only equate to $10-15 dollars more.)

I’m talking about taking the time to slow down your pace and take stock. Ask yourself ‘Am I rushing around too much, running ragged and could use a little headspace and luxury in my mundane commute today?’

Giving yourself this gift could spark a new creative idea on a product or service you could offer your clients. Or it could give you the mental space to journal out what’s troubling you.

Which leads me to my second question…

2. What am I telling my psyche, when I travel cheap?

When I find myself becoming super-obsessed about being frugal (to the point of unhealthiness), it makes me question… ‘What is this telling my brain and my body on the subconscious level?’

  • I’m not worth it.
  • I don’t belong up in first class.
  • I don’t deserve this luxury.

We all know this is hogwash… it’s simply not true. And while I’m not advising you to live beyond your means and to spend more than you make. I am asking you to take a good, long look at what you’re telling yourself in your actions.

You can journal all day long about your feelings, but if your actions tell a different tale and your self-care is suffering, it might be time to shake things up.

For example:

  • You want to feel more radiant but you keep consuming fast food (which isn’t really food).
  • You want to earn more money in your work, but are too afraid to balance the books in your bookkeeping software.
  • Or you want to feel more peace in your life, but you stay up super late doing the mindless death scroll on Instagram.

Girl, I feel ya. I catch myself doing it too, at times. And that’s when it’s time to upgrade your self-care, and stop treating your mind-body-spirit as if it’s ‘basic economy’ that doesn’t deserve anything better.

And finally…

3. How important is the experience vs. what you get for the money spent?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… when you eat at a fancy restaurant, it’s less about the food and more about the dining experience.

The same is true when you fly first class or business class. Folks, it’s still airplane food. Just packaged a wee bit differently.

You get a glass of fizz or juice (in a real champagne flute!) upon arrival. They hand you a printed menu so you can decide on the exotic curry or roasted chicken dinner. There’s the warm washcloth mid-flight, just before you doze off to sleep. Don’t forget the real silverware, china plates and the friendly flight attendants.

All of this makes you feel special. And Lord knows, if you’ve got a 10-12 hour flight ahead, whatever it takes to ensure you get a good night’s rest and shorten the length of pesky jet lag afterwards, is well worth every penny.

I find when I fly ‘basic economy’ on international flights, I get horrible sleep and it takes me a good 7-9 days afterwards to get back to normal. That’s 7-9 days I lose as a business owner where I’m not 100% on my game and potentially losing revenue.

TIP: Calculate how much you make per month and divide that by how many days you work that month. That’s your daily earning potential. Now, multiply that by 7-9 days and you’ll quickly realize how important upgrading to a ticket with a wee bit more leg room and a nice experience is worth it to your self-care practice and to your business.

So, it’s not about the stuff… it rarely is. It’s about the experience and what cues you’re telling your subconscious all along the way.


And just one final whisper, from me to you, dear friend… come in closer.

What if there is nothing more important than making sure you are nourished mind, body and spirit today?

What if you focused more of your energy and resources towards slowing down your pace and upgrading your life experience? To feel more like you’re sitting in ‘first class’ vs. struggling and getting by in ‘basic economy?’

What if you flipped the script in your head to believe you do belong in ‘first class’? Or even just inch your way closer and upgraded to the exit row for a little bit more legroom?

How would you change your self-care practice today?

What would it feel like if you had a little bit more headspace? A little more luxury? A little more bacon in your life?

You’re worth it.

A mindset shift costs nothing but the courage to make a change.

And the best part is… we all benefit from you upgrading your self-care practice and your life.

So, go for it.

You belong.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

If this thought of the day inspired you…

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