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By October 4, 2022The Simplifiers Podcast

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Time for a guided visualization exercise: I want to simplify how to keep your eye on the prize. What does that phrase mean to you? For me, it’s all about staying focused on your goal and more importantly, blocking out the distractions and noise around you that might lead you astray.

Therefore, I’ve chosen the theme of SELF-DISCIPLINE for the month ahead. That will be our focus for all episodes on the podcast this month. The holiday season (nay, whirlwind) is just around the corner and wouldn’t it be nice and refreshing if this year you didn’t feel swept under? That instead, you felt calm, cool, collected and totally managing your self-discipline to stay on track, moving towards what you actually want and choosing to opt out of the frenzy. When you do this, you keep your power and ultimately make wise choices in all aspects of your work and life. Count me in… let’s get in that headspace!

So to kickoff the month, today is another guided visualization episode, which we’ve decided to release on the first Tuesday of every month this season. How does it work? Simple! Let my voice be a guide for you as you focus inward to help you tap into your inner wisdom and Intuition for answers.


Listen and participate in a guided visualization exercise: how to keep your eye on the prize.

Before we get started, here are a few things that you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of this.

1) Create a safe space – no distractions or interruptions

First off, you’ll need to create a safe space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted… and also, keep in mind that during this exercise, you’ll have your eyes closed. So yeah, probably not best to do this one while driving. 

Silence your phone notifications… The world can wait for the next few minutes.

Then, get comfortable in a seated position or lying down, if that feels better. You get to decide. As with all visualization and breathing exercises we do together this year, you always get to decide what is best for you… take what you need, bless and release the rest.

Okay, now close your eyes or avert your gaze to the ground.

2) Take 3 intentional breaths together with me

Let’s take three intentional, life-affirming breaths.

  • Deep breath in through the nose, expand the belly, hold at the top, and then slowly release through the mouth. (Do this three times.)

Now, let your breathing come back to a normal pace, whatever feels right for you.

3) Do a body scan and feel your feet

It’s time to do a body scan… imagine you are slowly scanning your entire body from the tip top of your head, slowly down like molasses, all the way to your fingertips, and then to your toes. 

What sensations do you feel? Knots, sore spots or sourness… or on the flip side, any feelings of harmony, joy, or flow…. just notice what you feel in your body, without judgment or trying to fix it. Just scan down, ever so slowly until you’ve done your entire body.

Once you’re at your feet, really take notice of what it feels like to have your feet make contact with the ground. To be firmly rooted down, the safety and security of that sensation. What do your feet feel like right now?

4) Time to visualize and learn how to keep your eye on the prize

I want you to imagine you are standing at the starting line of a big race. You’ve got your gear on. You managed to get a good stretch in beforehand and deep down inside you know you’re ready. The air is crisp and the sun is just about to come up over the horizon. 

It’s a beautiful day to have fun, do your best, and challenge yourself.

You’re surrounded by others but that doesn’t really phase you… after all, they are running their own race and you’re solely focused on your end game only. You see it in your mind’s eye… that thing, that goal that your heart desires and what you want to go after right now.

Bring it to the forefront of your mind right now. 

What do you want more than anything else right now in your work or in your life?


Imagine yourself achieving it.

  • What does it look like to have it in your hands or experience it first hand?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it feel like in your body?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does it smell like?

Savor this end result for a moment, really soak it all in with all five senses. And then… let your six sense have a go.

What does your Intuition tell you that you need in order to keep your eye on the prize and achieve this goal?

  • What’s one thing you need to drop or let go of to get one step closer to making it yours? 

Might be some stinking thinking you’ve clung on to for way too long… or a shift in how you prioritize your time in the week ahead… what needs to be surrendered in order to make forward progress?


Back to the race… you notice the energy is amping up around you. They’re playing your favorite upbeat song on the loudspeaker. People are cheering you on, calling out your name in unison. You can’t help but smile knowing so many people believe in you and want to see you succeed. 

You’re ready. It’s time. Let’s go!


Bring your goal (once again) to the forefront of your mind and decide right here and right now that this is totally possible for you to achieve and it’s already done… written in the stars… made as your truth, set in stone and yours for the taking.

So take it, my friend.

Say out loud **when** you are going to attain it. What specific date in the near future?

And then, promise to stay focused on what your heart really, truly wants, needs and desires. Go after it and give it your best. See yourself succeeding and vow to do the thing, bit by bit starting today to make daily, imperfect progress towards what you actually, really want… and saying “no thank you” to the rest that might take you off course.

You look up, they sound the alarm, and the race has begun! Let’s go!!!

Take this last moment to say thank you with your full spirit and remember that you can revisit this gift any time you wish. It’s yours forever and ever. 

You are never alone and you are always fully supported.

Take a moment to gather yourself with a deep, belly-filling breath. And when you’re ready, open your eyes.


So, what goal came to your mind that you really, really want to go after in this season of your life? And how did it feel to hyper focus on it, keeping your eye on the prize?

I want you to set a 7-minute timer, grab a pen and paper, and take this time to write down everything you remember from this visualization exercise. 

  • What wisdom was shared? 
  • What visual clues did you see? 
  • What part of this exercise is sticking MOST in your mind and in your heart, that you can’t seem to shake?
  • …and what’s one thing that you can do today (with courage and simplicity) to take action on this vision, in real life?

One final whisper

It’s a simple one this month… stay focused on the things that are most, most important to you. And bless and release the rest.

  • If money is tight this holiday season, bless and release it.
  • If work has got you down, bless and release it.
  • If someone is stressing you out, draw up some new, fresh boundaries and say it with me… bless and release it.

Keep your eye on the prize and put one foot in front of the other towards the thing that you really want to achieve. 

Self-discipline is all about how you make your 1000 daily choices and how well you consciously filter out the noise around you. Choose to simplify, always.

I hope this visualization sticks with you the entire week through. Do it again and again if you need clarity or fresh ideas to help your spirit feel refreshed once again… because when you tap into your deep inner knowing, you’re accessing the Divine. That electric energy that can be found inside all of us that connects us all together. It knows. You know. We all know if we are brave and we open ourselves to it.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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Thank you!

Show credits: Suzen Marie, our Podcast Editor and Jeffrey Lynn, our Video Editor. Aubri Nowowiejski, Chris Justice, and George Mills, our advisory board. Big love to Dennis Coleman and Kristen Kurtis, as well. And I’m your host, Mary Baird.  Thank you so much for listening and telling your peeps about us.

As always friends, keep things simple.

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