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By February 15, 2019February 25th, 2019The Simplifiers Podcast

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How do you get your glow back?

What does that mean? Where did it go? And how do you get it back…

Let me explain.

What is ‘glow’?

  • It’s that spark inside you that lights you up. Your essence. Your passion. Your drive. Your energy source. The thing that makes you tick.
  • What comes to mind when you think of your glow?
  • What makes you YOU, and really excites and delights you? Maybe it’s your interest in music, your love for animals, your passion for writing or designing or maybe your thing is spreadsheets. You do YOU, girl!
  • How would you describe your inner glow?

Has your glow faded?

There are 3 ways your glow may have been dampened recently… it’s (likely) due to:

1. The weather

It’s the deep cold, dead of winter at the time that I’m recording this episode. Everything feels a bit BLEH and gray. The leaves have all fallen off the trees. The skies in England are sullen, gloomy and at best, unpredictable. My bones are wet it’s so. freakin’. COLD, you guys. It could rain at any moment. Or snow. Or ice. You just never know.

And when the weather gets like this, I find myself retreating back, losing my glow, wanting to go inwards both physically and emotionally.

So, if the weather is affecting your spirit right now, here’s what’s working for me, at the moment:

  • Vitamin D dates with myself – I block out one hour every Tuesday morning to sit on a park bench outside, next to a tiny pond of ducks and just BE. I know, it sounds silly, but bundle up in all the layers, get outside and just breathe. This weekly ritual, no matter how cold it is, helps awaken my spirit, get some fresh air and slow down my busy pace of life.
  • When it’s stupidly cold or rainy outside, I head to the sauna or hot yoga. Even 15 minutes does wonders for my soul. Sweat it out, warm your bones and get your physical body moving. It’s everything.

2. Someone did something to you

UGH. This is the worst.

Especially if you’ve got someone in your life (whether it’s a co-worker or your spouse or the lady in the checkout lane giving you the side-eye) who sees your happiness and positivity, and immediately want to shut it down, poke fun, judge you, and tell you you’re doing it wrong.

I mean, can I just say… CRIMENY. That stinks. I’m so sorry this is happening and I want to give you a great big hug right now.

I’ve been there. I’ve felt that. I’ve gotten the t-shirt… and it totally, utterly stinks.

Here’s what’s working for me right now, when someone does that ISH to me:

In the moment where they spout off something that totally triggers you… take a deep breath. Smile the biggest grin you can muster up. And say this, “thank you for your feedback” and then immediately walk away.

By giving yourself physical space away from this person, you’re empowering yourself by distancing yourself from their negative energy.

Their thoughts (and let’s be real, insecurities) are NOT your load to carry. And very rarely do they have anything to do with you. Who knows what happened to them earlier in the day. Maybe someone was not very nice to them, which set them off to be in a bad mood and, subsequently, not be very nice to you.

It’s a cycle and a trap… and the cycle stops with you. You will NOT let their words break you down. You will not carry this nonsense onwards and say something spiteful or mean to another person. It stops with you.

In the words of one of my absolute favorite drag queens, Jinkx Monsoon – it’s all “water off a duck’s back.” You’ve got to let it roll off you and move onwards with your life.

You’re bigger than this. You won’t let this get you down. Enough is enough.

3. Some freak thing happened to you in your life

Whether it’s a car accident or you lost your job or worse, you’ve gotten a diagnosis at the doctor’s office that you weren’t expecting.

You are not alone. You will get through this. It sucks right now and you may feel like it’s never going to get better, or you’re never going to dig yourself out of this deep, dark hole in life.

But it will get better.

You will find a shovel and start digging (when you’re ready). And someone, somewhere is going to bring you tacos and sit with you and listen and be a supportive friend through the muck ahead.

As cliché as it sounds (I know, I cringe as I say this right now, but it’s true) – it’s not what happens to you that’s important… it’s how you respond to what happened to you. That’s what counts.


And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend… come in closer.

Can I tell you a little secret that I’ve only learned in the last year or two myself?

No one and I mean, NO ONE can take away your glow.

I’m starting to learn that it’s inside you always. No matter how dim, how deep down buried inside it is. No matter if you’re feeling like you’ve lost all hope in your career, your relationship or in life…

It’s still in there.

And yes, you can find her again.

Deep, deep, deep down inside you.

I hope you hear this message with open ears because I’m saying it just to you…

You’re powerful. You’re radiant. You’re incredibly important to this world. People value who you are, how you help them, and what you stand for.

And if you ever need a boost of confidence, read this until you believe these words.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

If this thought of the day inspired you…

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