B096: How to make a positive impact on the world (as a core value)

By January 10, 2020The Simplifiers Podcast

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What does it mean to ‘make a positive impact on the world?’ I believe it’s in every decision (big or small) that you make in your work and the types of clients you choose to serve. At The Simplifiers, we value education and believe in “mentoring others to make a positive impact on the world together” and would like to take a deep dive into explaining why this is one of our key core values as a business.

Last January, we took a look a few of the core values of The Simplifiers one by one, breaking them down for you in our Friday bonus episodes. This is so you can understand what we believe in and why… and how you can incorporate the practice of core values in to your small business this year.

The next core value I want to shine a spotlight on is this…


Value Education: let’s mentor others to make a positive impact on the world

And that simple principle means this… when you’re a business owner, you are a natural born leader. You’re leading your teams to create world-class products and services to put out into the world. You are creating something out of nothing, most times and you are serving your clients and customers by helping them solve one of their greatest needs.

All the work you do and create isn’t manufactured in a vacuum. Many times, your business was born out of a massive frustration or pain point in your own work or life. It was a moment where you said, “surely someone has solved this problem, already, right? If not, I’ll build it and help others.” It doesn’t matter what the problem is… crappy graphic design, poorly produced conferences and live events, or slow, inefficient delivery of a solution that should’ve been solved ages ago!

You saw a gap in the marketplace and built a business around doing it better, faster, more affordable, and/or more incredible than anyone else.

It is in your work where you make a positive impact on the world, in essence, simplifying other people’s lives or bringing them delight.

One way we tackle this at The Simplifiers is by valuing education. As your business coach, we simplify the biggest challenges in work and life that entrepreneurs face. We know that when leaders feel less overwhelmed, more empowered, and more educated on the hurdles you must face in your work day, the results are endless.

  • Your clients are happier because you’ve delivered on your promises and WOW-ed them in the little details.
  • Your team is more fulfilled because you, as their leader, you took the time to train and mentor your staff on the WHY behind your systems & processes… and also you were open to feedback, always, on how to refine and simplify things as new technologies emerge.
  • Your families are appreciative because what they see at home is less whirling dervish and more ‘calm, cool, collected’ when entrepreneurs (like you) are off-the-clock and spending quality time with them

When we learn to simplify our work, focusing on the higher yielding tasks (and delegating to a virtual assistant, delaying, or ditching the rest), we thrive.

So, the more we deliver value and simple how-to’s to our podcast listeners like you, the more you become Simplifiers in your own work and life. So, we stand strong as your coach and thought leader in the professional development realm for you, rippling out to our clients and listeners, who then mentor their teams and make a positive impact with their clients, family and friends, out in the world.

That’s how we change the world, together.

But it doesn’t stop there. You too can make a positive impact on the world through your core values as a brand and business.

Here are 3 simple steps to make a positive impact on the world, as a core value:

  • Never lose sight of your WHY- 

Every month, make sure to review your mission and vision statement of your business with your team. Why do you exist as a brand, who do you serve, and where are you headed next? This will take only 5-10 minutes in the first team meeting of the month. Have an open conversation on if anything needs to be refined or simplified. 

    • Have you learned new things about your Ultimate Ideal Client? 
    • Has a new software or technology come available that would make how you deliver your work simpler or more efficiently? 
    • Don’t just keep running in the hamster wheel or use the excuse “I’m too busy” – when you’ve got insight like this, you’ll achieve your greatest business goals faster and stay motivated during your extra busy or stressful seasons.

never lose sight of your why

  • Dream bigger – 

What’s that? You don’t have a formal vision statement for your business yet?? No problem… set a 7-minute timer and journal out where you’d like to be with your brand in 5 years. 

    • For example, colleagues of ours, Work.byDesign want to help 6000 women in the UK to start and grow their own businesses in the next year. That’s a crystal clear vision they’ve created (and are shouting about from the rooftops – as they should!), which helps them remember how they will make a positive impact in a male-dominated market and keeps them on-track to make it happen. 
    • Dream bigger than what you will accomplish this week, month or quarter. We’re in it for the long haul and your big, hairy, audacious goals are exactly what will propel you towards doing great work out in the world. 

dream bigger positive impact

  • Vow to do great things together – 

This goes back to another core value of The Simplifiers, which is..

 “We can do great things together… alone serves no one.” 

This is a powerful principle and also one that can give you a little bit of relief… you were never meant to have a go at it, all alone. Sure, you could read a ton of business books and listen to a slew of podcasts, but the true work is done in community. 

    • Find a mentor (psst, that’s me!), meet your competitors for coffee and brainstorm ways to collaborate or simply co-exist in a friendly way, in the same playing field. Bottomline is this, be bold and reach out to others in your industry. 
    • Connect and share your triumphs and challenges with others and when you find your people who are willing to be open and share, nurture those relationships like gold. 
    • A good business coach (ahem, still me!) should also open doors for you, connecting you to people in their network, as well.

Making a positive impact in the world is simpler than you think. However it takes laser-focusing in on the higher yielding tasks and being super disciplined with how you spend your time on the job. Tie everything you do back to your WHY and bring your team in on the plan, in order to find balance in the work you do and serving others.

do great things together to make a positive impact

The Simplifiers’ Core Values, simplified:

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One final whisper

The idea of making a positive impact on the world might seem really, really big to you. Or completely outside your reach but the truth is, you impact people every single day. In fact, I clipped this quote and attached it to my vision board for the year ahead… a good reminder:

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

~ Jane Goodall

Let those words sink in for a second. What you do (already) makes a difference. 

You already make a positive impact on the world, just simply by showing up, being here, and #doingthething.

And I love that. It takes the pressure off having to do BIG things in every single waking moment of your life. Even the little moments count.

  • Your kind spirit makes a huge ripple when you hold open a door for someone and say, “you first.”
  • Your creative mind inspires others to think and dream bigger, which in turn, helps them help others in their world, as well.
  • And especially the way you deliver world-class products and services through your business means that you’re helping people to simplify and find more delight in their every day.

You’re doing it already. It’s more about honing in on your special skills, connecting with other like-minded leaders, sharing your talents with those who need it the most and stepping up and into your destined role as a thought leader to make the world a better place.

This is your birthright. 

Love is your currency. 

And the second you embrace this truth, I am willing to bet things in your life are going to start to fall into place, bit by bit. Trust me… the very best is already headed your direction right now.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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As always friends, keep things simple.

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