244: How to leap into something new – with Matthew Dicks (PART ONE)

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Are you looking to leap into something new soon? Maybe you’ve been thinking about writing a book, starting a new relationship or making a big career leap… but something has been stopping you from doing the thing, for like, way too long? What is it and how do we overcome that hesitation?

My special guest today is author and storyteller Matthew Dicks and he’s simplifying how to leap into something new.  As Matthew puts it… “Are you good at dreaming about what you’re going to accomplish ‘someday’ but not good at finding the time and getting started? How will you actually make that decision and do it?” Well, he’s here to share proven, practical, and simple ways to turn the random minutes throughout your day into (as he calls it) pockets of productivity, and your dreams into accomplishments.

Here’s how. 


My special guest today is Matthew Dicks and he’s simplifying how to leap into something new.

We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including:

  • Why the word “someday” is his least favorite word in the English language and how you can replace it in your vocabulary
  • Instead of asking your 8 year old Inner Child for advice, why you need to ask the 100 year old version of yourself instead – you might be surprised by what you hear!
  • He spends nearly the entire first half of his latest book “Someday is Today” on the concept of time – why that is and how to radically adjust your viewpoint on time in order to take the leap into something new
  • What the importance is of saying “yes” – especially now, when unexpected opportunities come along – and why that helps boost your radiance
  • What the “Spotlight Effect” is and why that might be a roadblock keeping you from trying something new
  • …and ultimately, if it’s fear that keeping you from making decisions that propel your creative life forward, how to navigate this as you set your horizon point for where you actually want to be next.

All this month, we are focused on the theme of “Radiance” – sharing ideas on how to live a vibrant life where your inner light shines bright once again. And if you’ve held on to a dream or a goal in your heart for so long but never quite seem to make it happen… well, I hope today’s conversation helps you begin to get unstuck. Sometimes we overthink and complicate things in our brain and then get overwhelmed, which as you know, can dim your light inside. I know, I’ve certainly had seasons like that too. 

Yet that whisper, that vision, that dream that sits on your heart that you can’t seem to shake… I believe that it’s there for a reason. Lean into it… uncover why it’s so important to you… and know that you’re fully supported right now to do the thing.

As always, ping me over on Instagram  @thesimplifiers – and tell me your thoughts:

  • What new ideas did this conversation spark for you? 
  • What roadblocks are stopping you right now from leaping into something new?

Share this episode with a loved one or a trusted friend, because you know that when you tell just one person out there in the world about a crazy idea you want to create… it grows legs and becomes real. Be courageous and tell someone about something you’d like to create.

You can do it, I believe in you… it’s time to simplify!

Q: Are you ready to leap into something new in life? If yes, this one is for you.

It’s time to #DoTheThing

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My challenge for you this week:

How are you going to take what you’ve learned in today’s episode and to leap into something new? What’s one thing you’ll do differently? Share it with me, privately or publicly. Snap a photo of you doing the thing, and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

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About Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks – He is the author of his latest book Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel your Creative Life, plus Storyworthy, and eight other books. 

He is a bestselling novelist, nationally recognized storyteller, and award-winning elementary school teacher that teaches storytelling and communications at universities, corporate workplaces, and community organizations around the US.. 

He is also the co-host of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast.

Where Matthew hangs out online:

Website: matthewdicks.com

Facebook: @matthewdicks

Twitter: @matthewdicks 

YouTube: @matthewdicks 

Matthew’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

…you’ll just have to wait and see in PART TWO of this conversation!

Matthew Dicks

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