181: How to improve your digestion – with Tyler Mayoras

By August 3, 2021The Simplifiers Podcast

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Today, we are talking all about how to improve your digestion. Are you feeling a bit bloated, and well, clogged up? Aha, this one is for you!

My special guest today is Cool Beans co-founder Tyler Mayoras and he’s simplifying how to improve your digestion. There’s nothing worse than having tummy aches and feeling like your body isn’t working right. Tyler believes that with a few simple shifts in what you eat, all of this could improve fairly quickly.

Here’s how. 


My special guest today is Tyler Mayoras and he’s simplifying how to improve your digestion.

We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including:

  • Why focusing on your gut health and digestion is so (darn) important these days for whole body health and wellness
  • What the big secret is behind beans as a superfood… and how to incorporate more beans into your meals, in a simple way
  • How to have more food diversity in what you eat weekly and why so many people are going plant-based nowadays
  • With new food innovation these days, there seem to be more plant-based choices in our grocery stores than ever before. How to avoid the “vegan junk food” craze and make better choices when grocery shopping
  • …and ultimately, I asked him about his take on “The Carnivore Diet” (aka. only eating meat) that seems to be the latest fad and is it good for your body or not?

If you’ve been contemplating making a shift towards a plant-based diet or going vegetarian, you’ll definitely enjoy this conversation. And it might start small like doing “Meatless Monday” or taking the time to read the labels when you shop for groceries. Remember, you’re looking for items made from whole food, minimally processed ingredients. Less packaging and added chemicals/preservatives, more plants is best. You’ll find your brain fog disappears, the bloating melts away, and your skin is clearer. Yes, yes, and YES!

Q: Are you ready to improve your digestion? If yes, this one is for you.

It’s time to #DoTheThing!

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My challenge for you this week:

How are you going to take what you’ve learned in today’s episode and improve your digestion this week? What’s one thing you’ll do differently? Share it with me, privately or publicly. Snap a photo of you doing the thing, and tag @thesimplifiers on Instagram for added accountability and support!

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About Tyler Mayoras

Tyler Mayoras – He is giving a glow-up to the world’s most underappreciated superfood: the bean. A passionate impact investor and entrepreneur, he co-founded Cool Beans with a vision of bringing sustainable, whole-food goodness to the frozen foods aisle. 

Inspired by his own journey to a plant-based diet, he’s making it easier than ever to eat clean, minimally-processed food that’s good for your body, your soul, and the planet.

Where Tyler hangs out online:

Website: eatcoolbeans.com 

Instagram: @luvcoolbeans

Facebook: @eatcoolbeans

Twitter: @eatcoolbeans

Twitter: @TylerMayoras

Tyler’s vote for the perfect guest on The Simplifiers Podcast:

Dr. Laurie Marbas – She is dedicated to building a community that supports each other’s health journeys. She believes that through a whole food, plant-based diet, one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods, your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. 

Through her online community and the Healthy Human Revolution podcast, she provides the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life.

Tyler Mayoras

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