B107: What’s the history behind women’s voting rights? – sneak preview of the Thinkable Podcast

By August 13, 2021The Simplifiers Podcast

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What’s the history behind women’s voting rights? Today, we’ve got an extra special bonus episode to share with you! Last spring, my daughter Zoë had a special assignment in her ILA class to create a podcast episode on an important part of history… how and when did women get the right to vote?

If you listened to my last episode featuring Dr Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, all about how to transform culture and smash the patriarchy, I think this is a perfect addition to the conversation this week.


Today’s bonus episode is a sneak preview of the Thinkable Podcast, revealing the history behind women’s voting rights.

Zoë interviews a super smart woman named Audrey Joy Maker who’s highly involved in getting people registered and empowered to vote in the state of Texas.

Ok, so yeah, I’m a bit biased… but I think at age 12, Zoë did a fantastic job!

And if you liked Zoë’s podcast and want to hear more from her, let us know by tagging us @thesimplifiers on Instagram. I’ll pass all the messages along to her and maybe, just maybe we’ll get more episodes from the Thinkable Podcast in the near future. For now, keep things simple!

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