How to do less and (truly) accomplish more

By April 3, 2019December 19th, 2019Productivity

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If you’ve been feeling like your to-do list is never-ending these days, I want to plant a seed in to your brain of how to tackle it differently: do less. I know, I know. It sounds crazy, but hear me out. I’m going to share 3 ways to accomplish more by doing less at work. And the best bit? You can apply them instantly.

People need 80 billion things from you (like) yesterday, an inbox that causes you anxiety, and let’s not even talk about all of the tedious little chores that need to get done at home. Our interview with Kate Northrup this week on The Simplifiers Podcast reaffirmed that doing less to have more really is possible.

You (like me) don’t have time to research and implement a method that will take time to set up. You want results now. I wish I could say we’ve simplified time travel but, hey, we’re still working on that one.


Instead, try these 3 tips today…

do less accomplish more

1. Set your timer with the Pomodoro technique.

Stop multi-tasking and focus!

The Pomodoro technique is super simple. The basic rule is that you:

  • set a timer to 25 minutes,
  • focus on one specific work task until the timer rings, and
  • then take a 5 minute break

It helps you laser focus. Plus, you’re factoring in short breaks which allow you to get up, move and avoid brain burnout.

After doing this 4 times, you’ll find that you need to take a longer break for 20 – 30 minutes. Maybe get outside for some fresh air or take a walk. Feel free to play around with the timings to find what works best for you. Just remember that once the timer is set, you have to commit.

2. Just say NO.

Maybe you’re a people pleaser or like me, you love to chase shiny new things. Regardless, we all need to get better at saying no.

If you already have too much on your plate and especially if a new request doesn’t help you achieve your business goals in an obvious way, just say no.

Keep it polite and gracious. If it’s an opportunity you’d be interested in at a more convenient time later down the line, say thank you and ask to be contacted in the future. If it’s just going to give you more headaches, simply wish them the best and refer them to someone else who is better suited to help them.

You don’t have to say yes to everything that comes your way! And if you need some help deciding whether to say yes or no to an opportunity, read on…

3. Remind yourself of your core values.

Write down your core values on a post-it note and stick it next to your laptop so you see them every day. When you’re deciding on which tasks (or new opportunities and asks) you should say yes or no to, ask yourself the following:

“Will this bring you closer or further away from your core values and what you truly, truly stand for and believe in?”

Follow these 3 simple tips and you’ll build up your discernment muscle as a business owner, knowing when to say yes and when to say no to what you’re faced with in any given work day. This is the secret towards doing less and achieving more in your work and life.

You got this!

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