8 tips to create a super charged morning routine

I’m REALLY not a morning person. That’s what I’ve always thought, but things are slowly changing. I’ve discovered the power that a super charged morning routine has on my day.
8 tips to create a super charged morning routine
The truth is – I’m not a morning person when I don’t have a good routine in place. When I wake up early and start my day with a relaxed routine, I’m usually more productive, energetic and healthy. In my journey to becoming a better morning person, I’ve picked up a few tips that help boost my mornings and make my days more successful.

Let’s get right into it…

1. It starts the night before

Want to super charge your morning? It all starts with getting enough sleep. I’ve written about how I improved my sleeping habits HERE. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t sleep enough, your mornings will be painful and your days will be a struggle. Lack of sleep impacts your energy, focus, productivity, metabolism, appetite, will power… I could go on but you get the idea. So, set yourself up for success and aim for at least 7 hours.

2. Kill the snooze habit

I have a snooze addiction. Seriously, I go so far into denial that I hit that button every 10 minutes for an hour, promising myself that I’ll get up next time. This means I also know that the temporary relief is short lived and not worth the consequences

Snoozing is super bad for you – it’s likely to leave you feeling MORE tired and generally worse off. So, put your alarm on the other side of the room, find an app that makes you do math before the alarm will switch off. Or try something a little different… and get a cat. I’m reliably informed by friends that a cat scratching at your door demanding cuddles and food is a good alarm clock.

8 tips to create a super charged morning routine

8 tips to create a super charged morning routine

Meet Bob. According to his owners, Bob is a very effective alarm clock and has cut down their snoozing time drastically.

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3. Get some daylight

Whether you decide to have a gentle start or jumpstart with some exercise, make sure you get some daylight. Open the blinds, go for a walk or stand in your garden for a few minutes.

If you live somewhere that is cold and dark in the mornings, you could buy a natural light alarm clock.

Daylight in the morning is great for improving mental health and will help wake up your brain.

4. Ditch the phone

At least for the first part of your morning routine. One of the most common points you’ll see in the morning routines of super productive CEOs and other successful people is that they hold off checking their emails and social media.

Instead, take some time to read, meditate, practice gratitude, journal or do something else relaxing and not related to work.

5. Get clear on your schedule

If you haven’t written out your schedule or to-do list for the day, do it now. That way, you know you’re starting your day prepared and ready.

6. Hydrate

After (hopefully) 8 hours spent sleeping, our bodies are in desperate need of water. To make it super easy, I keep a large glass next to my bed and make sure I drink as much as I can as soon as possible. It helps wake you up and energizes you.

7. Move!

Even if it’s only 20 jumping jacks, 5 minutes with a hula hoop or a quick walk. And if you do a little, you’ll probably build the momentum to do more.

Benefits of exercising in the morning:

8. Have something to look forward to

Include elements in your routine that make you happy. Whether that’s time spent relaxing while reading, listening to a podcast or making a tasty breakfast, make sure you enjoy your morning routine. It’s essential if you want to build and maintain good morning habits.

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